Jekyll Island Vs. Amelia Island: Which Is The Better Vacation Spot?

Are you planning a getaway to the beautiful US East Coast but can’t decide between Jekyll Island and Amelia Island? I feel you! After all, both places sound great with their stunning beaches, exciting attractions, and delicious seafood. Making a final decision can be tricky – which is why I’m here to help!

In this article, I’ll compare and contrast the two islands so you have everything you need to make an informed decision on where to spend your hard-earned vacation days. Together we’ll dive into what sights each island has to offer its visitors, from historical sites that’ll transport you back in time or outdoor adventures that will make your heart race. We’ll also cover restaurants, hotels and more so when it’s time for the big trip, all of your questions are answered. So let’s hit the beach – Jekyll Island or AmeliaIsland style!


## History of Jekyll Island
Jekyll Island is a beautiful and historic island situated on the southeast coast of Georgia. It was originally inhabited by Native Americans, who called it “Guale” or “Ospo”. However, in 1733 the British settlers took control of the area and renamed it after Sir Joseph Jekyll, an English lord. Over time, Jekyll Island became known for its luxury resorts and estate-like mansions that were built by wealthy industrialists like the Vanderbilts, Pulitzers and Rockefellers. In 1947 the state of Georgia purchased most of Jekyll Island from private owners to ensure its preservation. The remaining portion is still privately owned today. Today, visitors can explore over five miles of beachfront walking trails as well as historical sites such as Horton House Ruins and Mosaic at Summer Waves water park.

## History Of Amelia Island
Amelia Island is located off the northeast coast of Florida in Nassau County just north of Jacksonville Beach. The first inhabitants were Timucuan Indians dating back to 6500 B C., who named it Napoyca or place where land meets water due to its location between two rivers: St Mary’s River & Cumberland Sound region around Fernandina Beach which now encompasses Amelia Island . In 1562 French explorer Jean Ribault claimed possession for France but it wasn’t until 1763 when Spain gained control after defeating Britain in a war that Amelia’s history began to take shape with Spanish settlement continuing under different flags up until 1821 when Florida was ceded to United States by Spain making this island part US territory . Since then Amelia has flourished into tourist destination featuring unique attractions including lighthouse museum , Fort Clinch State Park & National Historic District filled with 19 th century buildings & homes along main streets lined with boutiques restaurants & galleries while also serving as port rich with maritime heritage .

## History Of The Resorts On Jekyll And Amelia Islands
The earliest resort on JekylL island was opened in 1888 for affluent families looking for luxurious retreats away from city life – dubbed “Millionaires Club” this exclusive group included names like Vanderbilt Rockefeller Pulitzer Carnegie Morgan among others staying at grand hotel villas scattered across property since then these iconic structures have been preserved restored allowing visitors experience what once grandeur before modern amenities emerged during 1920s prominent hotels shifted focus towards vacationing families offering variety activities entertainment programs pools tennis courts golf courses even movie theater all tucked away within lush grounds home wide range wildlife species protected natural habitats nearby marshes tidal creeks waterways

On Amelia island numerous resorts have sprung up since becoming popular tourist destination many boasting ocean views unique amenities such services spas massage therapists yoga instructors fine dining experiences shopping centers bike paths nature walks kayaking trips art galleries etc while some may be pricier than others depending budget travelers generally find stay here much more cheaper compared other areas surrounding cities states

## Geography And Weather Comparison Of JekylL And AmelIa Islands
Jeksylla nd Ameli islands are both coastal regions located along Atlantic Ocean coastline respective states however they differ quite bit terms their geography climates climate wise jeksyll typically warmer temperatures throughout year averaging highs 70 s lows 50 s whereas amelias usually milder generally seeing higher summertime temperatures around 80 degrees especially August when highest recorded temperature reached 88 degree mark precipitation levels similar two places typically receiving 40 inches rain yearly snowfall extremely rare events occuring only every few years if any comparison landscape far greater contrast jeeksyll being relatively flat made mostly sand ridges some marsh wetlands whereas amelias hilly mix sandy soil red clay swales lakes wetland vegetation covered forest areas providing picturesque setting perfect relaxation recreation getaways

## Things To Do On JeKsylL IsLand
With over five miles shoreline access various outdoor activities available guests visiting jeysyl can choose swimming boating fishing biking kayaking jet skiing sailing parasailing surfing parasailing standup paddleboarding crabbing birdwatching beachcombing exploring nature preserves tracts plus summer waves waterpark hosts array slides rides rapids inner tubes lazy river wavepool weather permitting pontoon boat tours ecofriendly hydrobike excursions educate people about local flora fauna additional components include miniature golf course racquetball courts tennis facilities horseback trail riding many more fun things do great way soak sun relax atmosphere one kind

## Things To Do On AmElia IsLand
As mentioned above numerous activities abound visitors wanting enjoy best parts amelia start point fort clinch state park whose thousands acres inviting surroundings showcase old military base Civil War era fort forests walkways beaches picnic pavilions playground lots sights sounds native wildlife easily reachable short drive downtown fernandina explored historic district full vibrant colors charming storefronts quaint shops cafes lively bars restaurants make sure stop marineland includes dolphin conservation centre educational center showcasing sea turtles displays interactive exhibits stroller wagon rentals complimentary admission ages three below there plenty passengers ferry ride scenic cruise tour plantations gardens museums even cruises sailboats watch dolphins play waters edge family friendly alternative nightlife live music concerts festivals always happening something special going whether looking laidback leisurely stroll cultural exploration outlet find everything need provide hours memories last lifetime                                             
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                                   Restaurants On JeKsylL IsLand             Restaurants On AMeLiA IsLand ​ ​​ Comparison OFLodging Options ONJEkyLL ANDAmeLiAIslands Cultural Attractions ONJeKyLLANDAmeLIaIslanDs     Conclusion

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