The Haunted Cornstalk Hotel in New Orleans: What You Should Know Before You Go

Are you planning a trip to New Orleans? If so, there’s one thing you should know before you go- the infamously spooky and notorious Cornstalk Hotel. As an avid ghost hunter, I’ve done a lot of research on this place having visited many times over the years, and here I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned!

In this article, we’ll be exploring why The Cornstalk Hotel is said to be haunted in the first place. We’ll tell stories of some of my experiences at the hotel as well as stories from other paranormal investigators who have made visits. We will also discuss how your own visit could unfold- what kind of equipment is recommended for investigations or if it’s even safe to stay overnight. By the end of this article, you will be an expert on all things related to The Cornstalk Hotel and maybe feel more confident about visiting it yourself! So let’s dive into discovering why people believe that The Cornstalk Hotel in New Orleans is so haunted!

History Of The Cornstalk Hotel

The Cornstalk Hotel in New Orleans has a long and storied history. Built in 1817, it is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was originally a private residence before being converted into an inn in 1830 by its first owner, William McPherson. Since then, the building has gone through many changes and renovations over the years until it was finally restored to its original condition and reopened as a hotel in 2003. Its unique Victorian-style architecture and stunning décor have made it one of the most popular hotels for tourists visiting New Orleans.

Ghostly Activity Reported At The Cornstalk Hotel

Though there is much that is charming about this beautiful old hotel, there are also some strange tales surrounding its history as well. Reports of ghostly activity date back to when it was still a private home with multiple sightings from employees and guests over time claiming to experience paranormal phenomena at the hotel such as knocking on doors or hearing strange noises coming from empty rooms late at night.

Famous Ghost Sightings At The Cornstalk Hotel

The most famous ghost sighting reported at The Cornstalk Hotel dates back to 1832 when William McPherson told his friends he had seen a woman dressed all in white standing near his window looking out onto Bourbon Street late one evening while they were all staying at his family’s estate for vacation. He described her as “beautiful but sad” before she disappeared without explanation shortly after he noticed her presence.

The Most Famous Room At The Cornstalk Hotel

One room being particularly susceptible to hauntings is Room 613 which has been said to be inhabited by several mysterious spirits who roam around seeking answers yearning for peace that can never be found while also leaving marks on walls and furniture throughout their travels inside this single room alone making them visible yet still remaining unseen by human eyesight itself even though certain individuals claim they have encountered them more than once during their stays here especially those who stay overnight during full moons like clockwork every month without fail according too locals living within close proximity nearby aware of their existence since way before anyone else ever knew anything about them somehow always remaining hidden unless you know where or how too look exactly right place wrong time sorta thing if you catch my drift lets just say!

Explanations For The Paranormal Activity

People believe that these ghosts may be connected with tragic events that occurred within the hotel’s history such as murders, suicides or other deaths occurring within its walls due to previous occupants using dark magic rituals rumored too have taken place here while others simply feel these supernatural entities are merely travelers passing through our world searching for something they can no longer find wherever they came from possibly? Perhaps we will never truly know what causes this strange phenomenon yet even so countless folks choose too reside here each day proving just how powerful faith remains despite fear firmly planted inside us all regardless no matter what anyone says otherwise I guess…

Myths And Legends Surrounding The Cornstalk Hotel

In addition to reports of haunting spirits roaming around inside this haunted establishment numerous myths & legends exist surrounding it’s legacy passed down through generations concerning both good & bad events happening here including tales of black magic spells casted upon unsuspecting victims dealing death sentences causing nightmares soon forgotten becoming part of local folklore serving only two purposes mainly scare children straight plus protect innocents from harm because saving souls becomes top priority whenever evil lurks nearby waiting patiently silently stalking prey ready strike suddenly staring straight into your eyes face off against darkness yourself!

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