Exploring Margaree Harbour: A Guide To This Magical Destination

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Picture yourself exploring Margaree Harbour, one of Canada’s most magical destinations. Whether you are looking for a place to get in touch with nature or if you want to relax and take it all in, this enchanting harbour has something special for everyone.

I’m here to help guide your discovery of this amazing location! In this article, I’ll share tips on where to go and what sights await you. We’ll explore the local culture by learning about the history and the people who live there today. From tasty restaurants and exciting activities, I will equip you with all the knowledge you need to enjoy every moment of your trip without missing out on anything essential! So come join me as we embark on our journey into Margaree Harbour together!

##The History of Margaree Harbour
Nestled in the heart of northern Nova Scotia, Margaree Harbour is an idyllic fishing village on the east coast. Its charming atmosphere and beautiful setting draw visitors from near and far for a unique maritime experience. But what’s the story behind this picturesque destination? The history of Margaree Harbour dates back to 1774, when it was officially established as a settlement by French settlers. Since then, the harbour has become home to many generations of Acadians who continue to carry on their traditional way of life today.

##Margaree Harbour’s Natural Landscape
The natural landscape around Margaree Harbour is truly breathtaking. It boasts stunning views over rolling hills that lead down to white sand beaches and crystal clear waters – perfect for swimming or kayaking! And while whales are regularly spotted off-shore, eagles can often be seen soaring overhead too. There are also plenty of trails suitable for hiking or biking through lush forests filled with native wildlife such as moose, deer and black bears. It’s easy to see why so many people visit this paradise every year!

##The Fishing Industry in Margaree Harbour
Fishing is an integral part of life in Margaree Harbour – both historically and currently speaking -and its impact can still be felt throughout the area today! Lobster traps are abundant along much of the shoreline while mussel farms dot various parts where oysters used to thrive before they were wiped out by disease during mid-19th century’s great mussel famine which devastated much coastal communities at that time Throughout summer months fishermen bring in catches from all over Atlantic Ocean ranging from salmon cod haddock mackerel herring pollock even squid octopus conch shrimp plus sea-scallops like snow crab king crab rock crab Also going further into deeper waters will yield halibut redfish monkfish tilefish skates rays whiting hake dog fish cat fish flounder porbeagle sharks bluefin tuna more Visitors should definitely take opportunity try some freshly caught seafood local restaurants pubs dockside markets other venues showcasing these delicacies

##Exploring the Margaree River
At just four kilometres long, exploring all that lies within this river system requires no more than a few hours – although you may want longer if there’s something particularly intriguing that catches your eye! The most popular activities here include canoeing or kayaking amongst its winding channels before taking some time out for a picnic beside one its riverside beaches (or maybe even digging up some clams). Further upstream there are opportunities for fly-fishing too!

##Visiting the Margaree Island Lighthouse
Constructed in 1885 following several shipwrecks nearby years prior this historic lighthouse stands 16 metres tall atop small island located entrance harbour Noted having two distinct appearances depending angle viewed due façade clad concrete blocks side illuminated glass panes front structure illuminates entire bay night remains fully operational navigational aid vessels passing through area Today open public tours available which offer spectacular views surrounding scenery chance explore lightkeepers quarters learn fascinating nautical folklore about region Offers glimpse into past lives full adventure mystery wonderment

##Wildlife Around Margaree Harbour %%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %% %% %% %% %%%%%%% % % %% %% Through summer months migratory birds flock shores water teeming seals dolphins occasionally humpback whales boats come close enough easily spot them breaching surface When walking beach keep eyes peeled marshy areas where harbour seals haul themselves onto land rest stretch flippers Summertime best times catch sight bald eagles sea hawks flying high searching prey Sometimes coyotes foxes rabbits wary whitetail deers gathered together feeding among trees bushes If lucky might spot rare endangered species such Eastern Cougar bobcat lynx roaming outer edges woods

##Local Activities and Attractions Near Margaree Harbor To get real feel culture maritime lifestyle visiting attractions around margin harbor must Notable ones include Heritage Centre Museum award winning facility showcases cultural artifacts traces early days modern day inhabitants Exploring flea market antique shops pickings treasures found across town From live music performances plays concerts paint nights art galleries fill streets lively hum creative energy community For outdoor recreation take boat tour along coastline cruise historical lighthouses sail yacht sunning relaxing coves Connect nature scenic hikes trails dotted throughout region reach summit North Mountain offering striking views 360 degree Other options whale watching excursions deep sea fishing charters standup paddle boarding windsurfing scuba diving numerous adventures await those seeking thrill adventure

##Camping on the Side Of The Maragree Harbor Shore For camping enthusiasts Maragree harbor offers ideal environment pitch tent relax peaceful vibe While there designated spots rustic campgrounds set up tents directly rugged cliffs overlooking ocean Make sure check tide schedules avoid flooding any unexpected surprises In addition making stopover cabin campsites scattered nearby towns villages allow visitors stay overnight complete indulgence marine surrounds Campfire events hosted during summer welcoming travelers join locals roasting marshmallows singing songs storytelling embracing surreal beauty surroundings Stop worry being bored because never shortage things do beside engaging activities organized events run including lobster suppers ceilidhs barbecues dances variety family friendly fun occasion Pictou County famous hosting world renowned annual Celtic Colours International Music Festival each fall attracts thousands attendees hear contemporary traditional sounds music genres performed artists worldwide festival runs nine days celebration Celtic tradition heritage song dance culture passion traditions shared globally celebrated annually right here Maritime Provinces Canada

##Hiking Biking Trails Around Maragree Harbor Whether looking challenging hike leisurely bike ride routes suit level ability ease Explore myriad paths crisscrossing through woodlands hills surrounding harbor Areas Ludlow Pretty Birchtown showcase intricate network trails well worthy discovering From beginner advanced terrain provides thrilling opportunity navigate dense forest reach heights perches overlook peek horizon Allow yourself immersed tranquil sound rustling leaves whistling winds breath fresh air salubrious scent pine juniper mingles sweet aroma wildflowers meadow grass Enjoy blissful stroll babbling brooks ambling streams soothing serenity saltwater marshes lush wetlands They provide habitat varieties aquatic birds mammals awe inspiring display nature brilliance secrets waiting uncovered miles away paved roads urban cities Step outdoors embark journey discover boundless possibilities exist beyond trail boundaries

Annotations: ####Margaray Harbours Cultural + Historical Significance Despite relatively short period existence since 1774 village Margaret Harbor carved niche itself due well preserved traditional Acadian lifestyles strong sense pride identity deeply rooted members community Many families remain same farmstead properties passed down generations faithfully preserving unique architectural style older buildings structures built late 1800s maintaining customs honorered centuries old practices celebration festivals Events held each year not only commemorate living history but also honor contributions ancestors ensure their memory remains alive perpetuity One example Copperfield Day which celebrates arrival first settlers area takes place beginning August bringing residents together joyous festivities reverent reflection past This forms backbone wonderful quaint little hamlet rich cultural heritage thriving traditions kept alive lived daily basis

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