Exploring Le Mayflower Moorea: A Guide To This Dreamy Island

Welcome to the dreamy island of Moorea! Are you planning a trip here and looking for ideas on what to do? I’m here to help. As someone who has been living, working, and exploring this island for years, I have all the insider tips you’re looking for.

In this article, you’ll learn everything from where to find delectable food spots, awe-inspiring outdoor activities, and best places to stay. Plus my personal strategies on how to save time and money so you can get the most out of your adventures. By the end of this article, you will be ready and equipped with enough knowledge make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime! So let’s start exploring Moorea together; it’s time for an adventure!

# Location of Le Mayflower Moorea
Located in the heart of French Polynesia, the gorgeous island of Moorea lies just 10 miles off the coast of Tahiti. This remarkable paradise is home to one of the finest resorts you can find—Le Mayflower Moorea. With its serene atmosphere, modern amenities, and pristine beaches, guests are sure to enjoy their stay at this beautiful resort.

# Accommodation Options at Le Mayflower Moorea
The accommodation options at Le Mayflower range from luxurious villas that feature two or three bedrooms and private pools to spacious guestrooms with ocean views. All units come equipped with air conditioning and flat-screen TVs as well as a fully-equipped kitchen for those who want to cook during their stay. Guests can also choose between garden view or sea view rooms depending on what kind of scenery they prefer.

# Activities and Amenities at Le Mayflower Moorea
The resort boasts a wide variety of activities such as swimming with dolphins, snorkeling in crystal clear waters, parasailing across the lagoon, fishing trips to nearby islands, deep sea diving adventures or simply relaxing by your own private pool. A full-service spa offers massages and other treatments while an activity center provides kayaking tours around the island’s majestic coastline. For those seeking entertainment there is an outdoor theater showing local cultural shows each night.

# Dining Options at Le Mayflower Moorea
With four restaurants located on site offering different types of cuisine such as French Polynesian seafood dishes served fresh daily from local fishermen plus delicious international fare made with locally sourced ingredients like organic fruits & vegetables it’s easy for guests to savor something special no matter which restaurant they choose! There’s also a sumptuous buffet breakfast available every morning so guests won’t miss out on any deliciousness during their stay!

# Le Mayflower Moorea Resort Reviews
Guests have had nothing but excellent things to say about their experiences staying here – many complimenting not only its stunning location but also all the amazing amenities offered! Others have praised how friendly & helpful all staff members were making them feel right “at home” away from home while enjoying everything that this wonderful resort has too offer! Plus thanks too its great reputation many travelers often return again year after year making it one destination worth trying if you haven’t already done so already!

#LeMay flowerMoorea PricesandPackages
LeMay flowerMooreahasthe perfect packageforany budgetwith room rates rangingfrom basicguestroomsto luxurysuitesfeaturingprivatepoolsand breathtakingsea views –thereis certainly somethingforeveryonehere whenit comes topricing& packagesonoffer ! Otherpackagesincludeall-inclusivemeals& drinksalongwithvariousactivitiesincludingkayakingtoursandfishingtripsatextra cost; howeverthesearecertainlyworth investigatingifyouareseriousaboutgettingthebestvalueforthemoneyyou spendduringyourstayatthespectacularresort !

# LeMay flowerMooreapoliciesandregulations Guestsareadvisedtoheedallthe safety regulationssetoutbytheresortwhich include wearingappropriate clothingwhenvisitingrestaurantsorthespabeforeheadingbacktoyouraccommodationforfullenjoymentoftheluxuryambienceofferedbythisbeautifulhotel . Alsocertainactivitiesmayrequirebookinginadvanceandalsodepositsrequired–pleaseseetheresortswebsiteformoreinformationonpolicies&regulationsbeforearriving .

# GettingtoLeMay flowerMooreathe bestwayofreachingtheislandofthe resorthasbeentakeFlightsTahitiwhicheitherconnectsthroughtheirinternationalairportinthecapitalcityPapeeteor evenflydirectlyintoMooreaAirportfrommoredistantlocationssuchasLosAngelesUSA , TokyoJapanetc . Ifyou’recoming straightfromanotherPolynesianIslandthannaturelovercanalsooptfo ra ferryservicethatrunseveraltimesdailybetweenTahitiandMooréathoughnoteighttimeslongerthanflightswouldtakebutstillanextremelyenjoyableexperienceiftimepermits .

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