Tulip Restaurant – Brno, Czech Republic

Tulip Restaurant – Brno
Tulip Restaurant

Dining at Tulip Restaurant last year, we went all out and gorged ourselves. I previously detailed that dining experience in my prior visit.

Well, we must have made quite an impact. After being seated, the waiter asked if we had been there before, more to confirm that he recognized us than anything. He then went on to recount exactly what we had ordered.

Thankfully this time we were in much better control.

Tulip Restaurant – Brno
Roasted Beef

We started with the Roasted Beef (105 CZK) with mushrooms flambéed in brandy. The beef was very tender and flavorful, the mushrooms retained their “meatiness”, and the brandy in the sauce was certainly discernable as all of the alcohol had not been cooked out.

Tulip Restaurant – Brno
Romaine Salad

The Romaine Salad (159) with poached egg, button mushrooms and smoked pork was a pretty well composed salad. The flavor was good; however, the pork was still relatively hot so it began to wilt the lettuce. I’ve noticed that this is a recurring theme in Eastern Europe, so if ordering a salad that contains some type of protein, expect it to be at least warm and your salad at least somewhat wilting.

Tulip Restaurant – Brno

We also ordered some bread (30CZK) which was a buttered baguette with some herbs very lightly sprinkled on top. The outside was crunchy, and the inside was buttery goodness.

Tulip Restaurant – Brno
Grilled Tenderloin

The Grilled Tenderloin (395 CZK) with added egg (10 CZK) was cooked to a nice medium rare. The steak had a nice crust to it, and was very tender like filet tends to be. Although filet has relatively little beef flavor, this was a little more developed. The runny egg yolk combined with the sauce added extra decadence and calories.

Tulip Restaurant – Brno
Grilled Chicken

The Grilled Chicken (169 CZK) came with roasted vegetables. The chicken was moist and tender, and came with a flavorful sauce. I thought the vegetables could have been cooked more to develop more flavor.

Tulip Restaurant – Brno
Roasted Mushrooms

The Roasted Mushrooms (50 CZK) were roasted in butter and herbs. It retained a firm and meaty texture, but could have stayed in the oven a little longer in my opinion.

Tulip Restaurant – Brno
Creme Brulee

The Crème Brulee (85 CZK) is prepared the way I like, creamy and pudding like. I don’t care for the crème brulee’s that are firm like flan. The sugar on top could have spent a little more time under the broiler or torch, but that is a minor gripe.

Tulip Restaurant – Brno
Ice Cream Sundae

The Ice Cream Sundae (105 CZK) seemed to be missing something important from my viewpoint living in the US, and that would be chocolate fudge. The mountain of ice cream, which was okay but wouldn’t win any awards, pile of whipped cream and whole walnuts seemed to be naked without any chocolate sauce.

The food remains solid, with the service very friendly and attentive at Tulip. This is one of the better restaurants that I have been to in Brno.

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