Seward vs. Whittier: Choosing Your Alaskan Adventure

When planning a trip to Alaska, the choice between Seward and Whittier can be challenging. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore these two unique Alaskan destinations, helping you decide which one suits your preferences for adventure, natural beauty, and exploration.

Seward: The Gateway to Kenai Fjords

Exploring the Kenai Fjords

Seward is known as the gateway to the Kenai Fjords National Park. Its location offers easy access to stunning fjords, tidewater glaciers, and incredible marine wildlife. Boat tours from Seward take you to the heart of this natural wonder.

Outdoor Adventures

Seward is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, kayaking, and wildlife viewing opportunities are abundant. The famous Exit Glacier is just a short drive away, providing an accessible glacial experience.

A Charming Seaside Town

Seward is a charming coastal town with a picturesque harbor, making it an excellent destination for those who love coastal vibes. Its downtown area features a variety of restaurants, shops, and a vibrant arts scene.

Whittier: The Gateway to Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound Cruises

Whittier is the gateway to Prince William Sound, an area renowned for its pristine waters, calving glaciers, and rich marine life. The town offers daily boat tours that allow you to explore this stunning sound.

Unique Infrastructure

One notable aspect of Whittier is its infrastructure. The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel connects the town to the rest of Alaska, and it’s shared with the Alaska Railroad. It’s a fascinating piece of engineering.

A Small, Secluded Town

Whittier is a small and secluded town, offering a unique and tranquil experience. While it may not have the bustling activities of larger Alaskan towns, it’s perfect for those seeking solitude and natural beauty.

Comparing the Two


  • Seward: Accessible by road from Anchorage, offering scenic drives along the way.
  • Whittier: Accessible through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, which you can drive or take the Alaska Railroad through.

Natural Beauty

  • Seward: Known for its proximity to the Kenai Fjords, Exit Glacier, and abundant wildlife.
  • Whittier: Offers access to the stunning Prince William Sound and its unique glaciers and marine life.


  • Seward: Abundant opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and exploring the outdoors.
  • Whittier: Ideal for those seeking solitude, tranquility, and serene boat tours.

Are Seward and Whittier the same?

No, Seward and Whittier are not the same. They are two distinct Alaskan towns, each with its own unique features, attractions, and natural surroundings.

Is it worth going to Whittier, Alaska?

Yes, Whittier, Alaska is worth visiting, especially if you appreciate serene boat tours through the stunning Prince William Sound, calving glaciers, and rich marine life. Whittier offers a tranquil and unique Alaskan experience.

Is Seward, Alaska worth seeing?

Absolutely, Seward, Alaska is worth visiting. It serves as the gateway to the Kenai Fjords National Park, offering incredible fjords, tidewater glaciers, and abundant wildlife. Seward is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy coastal charm.

What is special about Whittier, Alaska?

What makes Whittier special is its unique infrastructure, the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, which is shared with the Alaska Railroad. The town provides access to the pristine waters and marine life of Prince William Sound, making it an exceptional destination for those seeking solitude and natural beauty in a secluded setting.


Choosing between Seward and Whittier depends on the kind of Alaskan adventure you seek. Seward offers easy access to the Kenai Fjords and a wider range of activities, making it ideal for those who love the outdoors and coastal charm. On the other hand, Whittier’s gateway to Prince William Sound and unique infrastructure caters to those who prefer a more secluded and tranquil experience surrounded by natural beauty.

Both destinations offer a taste of Alaska’s stunning landscapes, and your choice will lead you to unforgettable adventures. So, whether you’re exploring fjords or sailing through pristine waters, your Alaskan experience awaits in either Seward or Whittier.

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