26 Glacier Cruise vs. Kenai Fjords

Alaska’s coastal wonders are a paradise for nature enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare two popular experiences, the 26 Glacier Cruise and the Kenai Fjords tour, helping you choose the perfect journey to explore the breathtaking coastal landscapes of Alaska.

26 Glacier Cruise: Glacial Majesty

Awe-Inspiring Glaciers

The 26 Glacier Cruise lives up to its name by taking you up close to 26 stunning glaciers. Witness the towering ice formations, hear the sounds of calving, and marvel at the ever-changing landscape.

Wildlife Encounters

This cruise is not just about glaciers. Keep an eye out for wildlife, including seals, sea lions, whales, and numerous bird species. The coastal ecosystem comes alive before your eyes.

Informative Narration

The cruise offers informative narration, ensuring you learn about the glaciers, their history, and the remarkable ecosystem that surrounds them.

Kenai Fjords: A Natural Wonder

Glacial Beauty

The Kenai Fjords tour is an exploration of the Kenai Fjords National Park, renowned for its glaciers, pristine waters, and rich marine life. You’ll be captivated by the sight of calving glaciers.

Wildlife Spectacle

The tour offers numerous wildlife viewing opportunities. Witness humpback whales, orcas, sea otters, and puffins as they thrive in the rich coastal waters.

Knowledgeable Guides

The guides on the Kenai Fjords tour are experts in marine biology and the park’s ecology. They provide in-depth knowledge about the region’s natural history.

Comparing the Two


  • 26 Glacier Cruise: Focuses on 26 glaciers, offering a concentrated glacial experience.
  • Kenai Fjords: Provides the opportunity to witness a variety of glaciers within Kenai Fjords National Park.


  • 26 Glacier Cruise: Offers wildlife viewing but with an emphasis on glaciers.
  • Kenai Fjords: Known for its rich marine life and opportunities to see whales, sea otters, and puffins.


  • 26 Glacier Cruise: Departs from Whittier, providing a shorter journey if you’re in the Anchorage area.
  • Kenai Fjords: Departs from Seward, making it convenient for those exploring the Kenai Peninsula.

Is it worth going to Kenai Fjords?

Absolutely, visiting Kenai Fjords is worth it. It offers an incredible opportunity to explore the beauty of Alaska’s coastal landscapes, with its glaciers, marine life, and pristine waters.

Is Kenai Fjords a glacier?

Kenai Fjords is not a glacier itself, but it’s an area in Alaska known for its numerous glaciers. The national park, where the Kenai Fjords tour takes place, is home to several glaciers that calve into the sea.

How many days do you need in Kenai Fjords?

The ideal duration for exploring Kenai Fjords can vary. Many visitors opt for a day tour, which offers a fantastic glimpse of the area’s highlights. However, if you want a more in-depth experience and additional activities, consider spending two or more days.

What makes Kenai Fjords special?

Kenai Fjords is special for its stunning natural beauty, including the presence of numerous glaciers, rich marine life, and the opportunity to witness calving glaciers in a pristine coastal environment. The area is a haven for nature enthusiasts and provides an authentic Alaskan experience.

Choosing Your Adventure

Selecting between the 26 Glacier Cruise and the Kenai Fjords tour comes down to your preferences. If you’re fascinated by the sight of numerous glaciers in one trip and want to learn more about their history, the 26 Glacier Cruise is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you’re passionate about marine life and the opportunity to witness calving glaciers within the beautiful Kenai Fjords National Park, the Kenai Fjords tour is ideal.

Both experiences are remarkable, and you’ll be treated to some of the most spectacular coastal landscapes that Alaska has to offer. Whether you’re seeking the majesty of glaciers or the rich marine life of coastal waters, Alaska’s coastal wonders await your exploration.

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