Experience Summer in Sayulita: Top Things to Do in July

Hello! My name is Grace and I recently returned home from an amazing trip to Sayulita, Mexico. As a first time traveler, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of this small Mexican town. From stunning beaches to vibrant markets – it felt like no other place I had ever been before. Despite the hecticness of planning my first international trip, I learned so much about myself and what I am capable of when faced with uncertainty. Through this post, I hope to share my experience and tips to help you make the most out of your own Sayulita adventure in July!

Weather in Sayulita During July
Sayulita is one of the most popular beach destinations in Mexico, and its weather during the month of July is as beautiful as you would hope. Average temperatures hover around 84°F (29°C), with highs reaching 93°F (34°C) on the hottest days. The humidity is low, so it’s a perfect time to be outdoors without feeling uncomfortable or sweaty. The sun sets at 8:21pm every night, giving vacationers plenty of time to enjoy the beach and all that Sayulita has to offer into late evening hours. Rainfall isn’t typically an issue during this time of year either – only six days out of July will experience some sort of rainfall.

Things To Do in Sayulita During July
With perfect weather comes plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy throughout their stay in Sayulita! If you’re looking for culture-rich experiences, check out El Faro Lighthouse which offers breathtaking views from high atop a hill overlooking town and ocean alike! Take part in some local traditions by visiting La Playa Principal market – you can find fresh produce grown locally by farmers who live nearby. And don’t forget about some more leisurely activities like surfing lessons or taking a yoga class on the beach; there are many options available for those less inclined towards exploring and sightseeing!

Accommodations In Sayulita During July
If you’re planning your trip to this tropical destination during summertime, be sure to book your accommodations well ahead of time – rooms tend to fill up quickly when temperatures are high! There are various types available ranging from camping sites right next door to luxury villas complete with private pools and stunning ocean views…and everything else between these two extremes. Whatever kind suits your budget best can easily be found here within walking distance from downtown where most attractions are located including restaurants, bars, shops and more!.

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