Exploring the Coast: A Comparison of Nantucket and Block Island

Are you debating which of the two beautiful islands in New England to visit? I’m here to help you make up your mind! From my experience, I have had the pleasure of visiting both Nantucket and Block Island and can honestly say that it’s a tough choice. Both offer some wonderful attractions; however, each island has its own unique culture and atmosphere, so depending on what your travel style is, one may be better than the other. In this article, I will provide an in-depth comparison between Nantucket and Block Island so that you can decide which island is the perfect fit for you!

History of Nantucket
Nantucket is a tiny island off the coast of Massachusetts that has been inhabited for centuries. It was first discovered by English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold in 1602 and settled by English Puritans in 1659. The earliest settlers were farmers, fishermen, whalers, and traders who relied on the ocean to provide their livelihoods. They quickly developed a vibrant economy based on fishing, shipbuilding, whale oil production, and trade with other New England colonies. By the 1800s it had become one of America’s wealthiest cities thanks to its lucrative whaling industry. In 1841 it became part of Massachusetts statehood and remains an important part of the state today.

History of Block Island
Block Island is another small island located just off Rhode Island’s coast which has long been home to Native Americans known as Manisseans or Miantonomi people since 2000 BCE . After Europeans arrived in 1614 , they began settling there full-time beginning with Thomas Hazard , William Coddington , John Clarke , Benedict Arnold (the same man from Revolutionary War fame) and others . The island served an important role throughout much history being used as a military outpost during both American Revolution & Civil Wars . It even played host to some key events such as President Abraham Lincoln’s furlough signing ceremony allowing released Confederate soldiers back into service and Edgar Allen Poe’s stuck at sea experience while trying to deliver mail between New York City & France during his days working for US Post Office . Today Block Island remains mostly rural with little development compared its neighbor islands like Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket making this a great destination for those seeking natural beauty & quietness far away from urban life but still having many amenities nearby if desired!

Accessibility And Travel To Nantucket vs. Block Island
Getting to either destination is quite easy depending on where you’re coming from – whether it’s by plane or car ! For travelers located near Boston Logan Airport flying directly out can take under 45 minutes arriving at ACK airport right next door before taking ferry over onto Nantucket itself ! If traveling further away then chances are you will need make stopovers along way often ending up in Providence Rhode Island before finally hopping overland express bus connecting Westerly RI station directly down south end BIC (Block Island Community Center). Here visitors can enjoy stunning views driving through picturesque countryside while en route onto beautiful beachfront towns including Misquamicut Beach State Park offering miles sand dunes perfect sunbathing spot after exhausting journey! Meanwhile ferries linking mainland RI run daily year round meaning accessibility never really issue whatsoever whatever time year may be visiting these two wonderful vacation spots!

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