Head-to-Head: A Comparison of Morocco and Turkey’s Top Attractions

Hey there, I’m so glad you’re here! You may be wondering what the differences between Morocco and Turkey are. Well, you’ve come to the right spot! I’m going to walk you through the key points of comparison when it comes to these two amazing countries. When weighing up their pros and cons, we’ll look at factors like culture, climate, food, attractions and more. So sit back and buckle up – it’s time for an exciting journey into Morocco vs Turkey!

Geography of Morocco and Turkey
Morocco is located on the North Western tip of Africa, with a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea to the north and Atlantic Ocean to the west, while bordered by Algeria in its south east. Its terrain features coastal plains rising up to Atlas mountains in its interior. The capital city is Rabat, located on the country’s Atlantic coast.
Turkey meanwhile lies across two continents; it has borders with eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran Iraq and Syria. It extends from Central Anatolia in Istanbul all through Eastern Thrace (European) side of Turkish mainland bordering Marmara Sea until Aegean-Mediterranean area covering an area of 814K sq km. The capital city Ankara is situated at 39°N latitude which gives it a temperate climate year round due to its inland location and altitude of 900 meters above sea level.

History of Morocco and Turkey
The Berber people are thought to be one of the earliest inhabitants in present day Morocco – likely arriving around 8000 BC from North Africa or even further East across the Middle East during various migrations that occurred over thousands of years ago. Over time different tribes began unifying their separate political entities into larger national kingdoms such as those established by Amazigh settlers such as Mauretania (3rd century BC). On another front – Turks have been living in Anatolia since 3000 BCE though they arrived several centuries later than other settlers like Armenians – migrating from central Asian steppes around 11th century AD with Seljuq dynasty being founded shortly thereafter (1077 CE). This was followed by Ottoman Empire eventually becoming one world power ruling parts Europe/Middle East for circa 600 years before being dissolved 1918 after WWI defeat against Allied forces lead primarily by Britain France Russia Italy Japan US etc..

Cultural Differences Between Morocco and Turkey
When comparing cultural elements between these two nations there are many differences worth noting: traditional clothing styles vary significantly given multi layered hip length tunic worn in Morocco vs open necked shirt + baggy trousers style adopted generally among Turks; cuisine also differs where Moroccan dishes feature couscous tajines tagines whereas grilled kebaabs mezes dips salads form part culinary variety provided by Turkish cuisine; music likewise varies lots mainly because each nation draws inspiration from numerous sources within respective geographical region so we see Arab Andalusian influences playing important role shaping Moroccan music scene contrasted against influence Persian Greek Byzantine Armenian cultures have had upon Turkish compositions etc…

Political Systems Of Morocco & Turkey
Although both countries remain republics today their individual approaches towards democracy differ greatly: currently Moroccan political system operates under parliamentary monarchy leader elected King Mohammed VI wielding wide range legislative powers including right appoint Prime Minister who then leads government affairs under approval Parliament consisting lower house Majlis al-nuwwab upper house Majlis ala elected members every 5 yrs respectively making them more democratic state than current situation found turkey.
On contrary while President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan holds significant executive authority he’s prevented from dissolving parliament doing anything goes beyond set framework Constitution leaving way for party leaders Legislative Assembly serve full term 4 yrs while forming coalition agreements pass legislation whenever necessary changing general shape Turkish politics landscape quite dramatically compared what can observed elsewhere maghreb region.

  • Moroccan political system operates under parliamentary monarchy.
  • Turkish political system is led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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