7th Street Public Market – Charlotte


7th Street Public Market

The 7th Street Public Market in Charlotte is a food court of sorts. There are several restaurants, bakeries, wine shops and a market. This seemed like a good spot to sample several dishes from different venues.

I was interested in trying Pure Pizza since they seemed to advertise a relationship with Chris Bianco, of Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, which has been named the best pizza place in the country in numerous publications over the years. It turns out that the only similarity between Pure Pizza and Chris Bianco is that they use the same tomatoes. By looking at their pizzas, one can see that is where the similarity ends.

T-Rex Pizza

We ordered the T-Rex which includes bacon, sausage, pepperoni and ground beef. The pizza had a nice char, maybe too much in certain spots. The toppings were plentiful and evenly distributed. The crust was nice and chewy. If you are a meat lover this pizza is a winner.

Chicken & the Egg

At Local Loaf, we got the Chicken & the Egg, which is a deep fried boneless chicken breast sitting atop a mound of cheese, with a honey BBQ sauce. The sandwich also included a fried egg with a runny yolk of course. There must have been a mistake to my order as some sprouts ended up on the sandwich, LOL. This massive behemoth was sandwiched between a buttery biscuit. This isn’t a sandwich that can be eaten without causing a serious mess. It hit all of the notes too: salty, sweet, fried, crunchy. It comes with a cucumber salad to help cut down on the sweetness of the honey BBQ sauce.

Banana Nutella Crepe

We finished the meal off with a Banana Nutella crepe at Hazelnut Crepes. The filling was plentiful, the banana ripe with streams of Nutella running throughout. The crepe itself was a little doughy, but good overall.

7th Street Marketplace is probably not a food destination on its own, but does a good job of servicing the downtown area during lunch time as the place was packed.

The food at the places we ate were well executed and fairly priced.

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