Why Carry A Bread Clip When Traveling?

As a frequent traveler, it’s essential to always keep a bread clip in your wallet or clip wallet. These little bag clips may seem insignificant, but they’re incredibly useful when traveling.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of carrying a bread clip when traveling and how it can make your life easier.

What is a Bread Clip & Its History?

A bread clip is a small tool used to close plastic bags, like the ones that hold sliced bread. People also call them bread tags, bread ties, or bread-bag clips. These clips help keep the bags sealed tightly, which can keep the contents fresh for longer. Sometimes, the color of the clip tells you when the bread was baked, but there’s no set rule for colors.

Bread Clip Designs

Most bread clips are simple and made of plastic. You can slip the neck of a plastic bag through them. Since these clips are cheap and come in different shapes and colors, some folks like to collect them.

These clips are usually made from plastic #6 polystyrene (PS), but there are also cardboard bread clips.

These clips are also used for bags of milk in certain parts of Canada, like Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The most common milk package is 4 liters, with three 1.33-liter bags inside a bigger bag. The bigger bag is closed with a clip, and it has the milk’s expiration date on it.

Mechanical Some bread clips are more complex. They have two plastic parts that can move and a spring between them to create tension.


The bread clip was invented by Floyd G. Paxton and made by the Kwik Lok Corporation. This company is based in Yakima, Washington, with manufacturing plants in Yakima and New Haven, Indiana. They call their clips “Kwik Lok closures.”

Paxton’s story goes like this: In 1952, he was on an airplane and opened a bag of peanuts. Afterward, he couldn’t close it, so he used an old credit card to make the first bag clip. When a fruit packer named Pacific Fruit wanted a better way to seal their new plastic bags instead of using rubber bands, they turned to Paxton’s idea.

He carved another clip from Plexiglas and designed a machine to make these clips quickly. Even though Paxton tried, he never got a U.S. patent for his clips, but he did get patents for the machines that made them.

The bread clip was created in the early 1950s to efficiently seal plastic bags on packaging lines. As food manufacturing became more automated, companies needed ways to produce more and save money. People also wanted a quick and easy way to open and seal food bags. The simple bread clip did the job. Plus, it helped reduce food waste as smaller families and higher costs slowed down food consumption.

Kwik Lok is still the main producer of bread clips, and Schutte is their competitor in Europe.

Uses of Carrying Bread Clip When Traveling

Why Carry A Bread Clip When Traveling?
Why Carry A Bread Clip When Traveling?

1. Cable Management

A bread clip is an excellent tool for organizing charging cables and earphones during travel. By securing them neatly, it prevents tangling and ensures easy access to your devices. This simple hack minimizes frustration and saves time, allowing you to stay connected and entertained without wrestling with a mess of cords.

2. Bag Sealer

When you open a bag of snacks or food while traveling, a bread clip can come to the rescue. By using it to seal the opened bag, you keep the contents fresh and prevent spills in your bag. This not only maintains the quality of your snacks but also keeps your belongings clean and tidy.

3. DIY Bookmark

A bread clip can serve as an impromptu bookmark during your travels. Its lightweight and unobtrusive design won’t damage book pages, allowing you to pick up where you left off in your reading adventure.

4. Emergency Zipper Pull

If a zipper on your backpack or jacket malfunctions while you’re on the road, a bread clip can be a handy replacement zipper pull. It provides a makeshift solution for opening and closing zippers, ensuring that your belongings remain accessible and secure.

5. Toothbrush Cover

Maintaining oral hygiene on the go is crucial, and a bread clip can double as an effective toothbrush cover. It keeps your toothbrush clean and separate from other items in your bag, promoting good hygiene during your travels.

6. Cord Identifier

Travel often involves carrying multiple charging cables and cords. By using differently colored bread clips to label them, you can quickly identify and access the right cord, minimizing cable-related frustrations.

7. Luggage Identifier

To make your luggage stand out at the baggage carousel, attach a brightly colored bread clip to your luggage handle. It provides a cost-effective and unique identifier, reducing the risk of mistaking your bag for someone else’s.

8. Key Organizer

Keep your keys organized and prevent them from scratching other items in your bag by attaching them to a bread clip. This makeshift keyring solution ensures that your keys are readily accessible when needed.

9. Earbud Holder

Tangled earbud wires are a common travel annoyance, but a bread clip can solve this problem. Wrap your earbuds around the clip to keep them organized and tangle-free in your bag or pocket.

10. Chip Bag Scoop

When you want to enjoy a snack on the go, a bread clip can function as a makeshift scoop for chips or snacks. Its flat design allows you to reach into the bag without making a mess or getting your hands dirty.

11. DIY Phone Stand

For hands-free activities like video calls or watching movies while traveling, a folded bread clip can serve as an impromptu phone stand. This simple hack ensures a comfortable viewing angle wherever you are.

12. Temporary Hook

Need to hang lightweight items like hats, bags, or towels while traveling? A bread clip can be attached to curtain rods, shower rods, or other suitable surfaces, providing a convenient and temporary hook solution.

13. Emergency Bandage Clip

In the event of minor cuts or blisters, a clean bread clip can temporarily secure a bandage or dressing in place. It helps protect and stabilize the wound until proper medical attention can be sought.

14. Mini Clothespin

When you’re in need of a clothespin while traveling, a bread clip can do the job. It securely holds clothes, towels, or swimsuits to a makeshift clothesline, ensuring they stay in place and dry efficiently.

15. Emergency Sewing Needle

In a sewing emergency, a straightened and sharpened bread clip can act as a temporary sewing needle. It’s a handy tool for mending clothes or bags on the go, saving you from wardrobe mishaps during your travels.

Can a bread clip be used to repair flip flops?

Can a bread clip be used to repair flip flops?
Can a bread clip be used to repair flip flops?

Yes, a bread clip can be used as a temporary fix to repair flip flops in certain situations. If the strap of your flip flop breaks or comes loose, you can use a bread clip as a makeshift fastener. Here’s a simple way to do it:

  1. Gather Materials: You’ll need the flip flop with the broken strap and a bread clip.
  2. Insert Bread Clip: Insert one end of the broken strap into the bread clip, making sure it’s secure.
  3. Fasten Clip: Close the bread clip securely around the strap, effectively holding it in place.
  4. Test: Put the flip flop on and see if the repair is secure enough for your immediate needs.

While a bread clip can work as a quick and temporary solution to keep your flip flops functional, it’s important to note that this fix may not be as durable or comfortable as a proper repair or replacement. For a long-term solution, consider getting your flip flops professionally repaired or replacing them if necessary.

What is bread clip used for when traveling?

Why Carry A Bread Clip When Traveling?
What is bread clip used for when traveling?

A bread clip is a small plastic or metal clip used to seal the opening of bread bags to keep the bread fresh. When traveling, a bread clip can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can use it to seal opened bags of snacks, toiletries, or any other item that may spill or leak. You can also use a bread clip to label or mark items, such as cables or chargers, so you can easily identify them. Additionally, you can use a bread clip to keep cords, earphones, or other small items organized in your bag.

Why do people collect bread bag tags?

Bread bag tags, also known as bread clips or bread ties, are small pieces of plastic or metal that seal the opening of bread bags. Some people collect bread bag tags as a hobby or for charitable purposes. For example, some organizations collect bread bag tags and sell them to recyclers, with the proceeds going to charity. Additionally, some people collect bread bag tags as a way to keep track of the different types of bread they’ve purchased. They may use different colored tags to differentiate between bread types or brands.

Why should you not throw out bread tags?

Bread tags are small but useful items that can be repurposed for various uses. Instead of throwing them out, you can reuse them to seal other bags, label items, or organize cords and cables. Additionally, throwing out bread tags contributes to plastic waste, which is harmful to the environment. By reusing bread tags, you can help reduce your plastic waste and carbon footprint.

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What are bread tags called?

Bread tags are also known as bread clips or bread ties. They are small pieces of plastic or metal that seal the opening of bread bags to keep the bread fresh. While they are commonly used for bread, they can also be used to seal other bags or for labeling and organizing purposes.

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In conclusion, carrying a bread clip when traveling may seem like a small thing, but it can make a significant difference. It’s a practical and cost-effective solution that can help keep your belongings organized, prevent messes, and reduce plastic waste. With so many benefits, it’s worth considering adding a bread clip to your travel essentials. Try it out on your next trip and see how it can make your travel experience more convenient. Remember, it’s the little life hacks that can make all the difference!

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