25 Fun Things to Do in Colony, TX

Welcome to The Colony, TX, a vibrant city with an array of activities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, family-friendly fun, cultural experiences, shopping delights, or entertainment, The Colony has something to offer everyone.

Join us as we explore 25 exciting things to do in this charming city.

Outdoor Adventures

Water Activities at Stewart Creek Park

Discover a water lover’s paradise at Stewart Creek Park. Enjoy swimming, paddleboarding, and kayaking in the sparkling waters.

Boating and Fishing at Lewisville Lake

Head to Lewisville Lake for a day of boating and fishing. Cast your line and relax amidst the scenic beauty of the lake.

Hiking and Birdwatching at the Shoreline Nature Trail

Take a leisurely hike along the Shoreline Nature Trail and admire the diverse bird species that call this area home.

Golfing at The Tribute Golf Links and Guest House

Golf enthusiasts will relish playing at The Tribute Golf Links and Guest House, a picturesque course inspired by the legendary Scottish courses.

Picnic and Relaxation at Colony Shoreline Trail Park

Unwind with a relaxing picnic at Colony Shoreline Trail Park. Enjoy the serene views and tranquil ambiance.

Family-Friendly Fun

Visiting Hawaiian Falls Waterpark

Create lasting memories at Hawaiian Falls Waterpark. Splash around in pools and enjoy thrilling water slides.

Exploring The Colony Public Library

Engage in learning and exploration at The Colony Public Library. Discover a vast collection of books and attend engaging events.

Bowling and Arcade Games at Main Event Entertainment

Embark on a fun-filled day at Main Event Entertainment. Bowl strikes, play arcade games, and enjoy tasty food.

Mini Golf at TopGolf

Challenge your family to a game of mini golf at TopGolf. Putt your way through creative and exciting courses.

Ice Skating at The Colony Five Star Complex

Experience the joy of ice skating at The Colony Five Star Complex. Glide across the ice and enjoy the wintery fun.

Cultural Experiences

Visiting The Tribute Tower

Climb The Tribute Tower for panoramic views of The Colony. Capture stunning photos of the city from this elevated vantage point.

Touring the Texas Pool

Discover the iconic Texas Pool, shaped like the Lone Star State. Take a dip in this unique and historic swimming pool.

Discovering The Colony Historical Society Museum

Immerse yourself in The Colony’s history at the Historical Society Museum. Explore exhibits showcasing the city’s past.

Attending Performances at the Lava Cantina

Catch live performances and concerts at the Lava Cantina. Enjoy a night of music and entertainment.

Art Appreciation at The Colony Art Gallery

Explore the vibrant local art scene at The Colony Art Gallery. Admire artworks created by talented local artists.

Shopping and Dining

Shopping at The Colony Crossing Shopping Center

Indulge in retail therapy at The Colony Crossing Shopping Center. Browse through a variety of stores for unique finds.

Exploring the Grandscape

Discover the Grandscape, an expansive mixed-use development with retail, dining, and entertainment options.

Trying Local Eateries like Hard Eight BBQ

Savor mouthwatering BBQ delights at Hard Eight BBQ. Experience the rich flavors of Texas cuisine.

Dining with a View at Sixty Vines

Enjoy a dining experience with a view at Sixty Vines. Sip on fine wines and savor delicious dishes.

Savoring International Cuisine at Sushi Damu

Treat your taste buds to a delectable sushi experience at Sushi Damu. Enjoy a variety of fresh and flavorful sushi rolls.

Parks and Recreation

Relaxing at Old Shepard Place Park

Escape to Old Shepard Place Park for relaxation amidst nature. Take a leisurely walk or simply unwind.

Playing at Castle Hills Village Shops & Plaza

Engage in family fun at Castle Hills Village Shops & Plaza. Play games, explore shops, and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Jogging and Biking at Austin Ranch

Stay active with jogging and biking trails at Austin Ranch. Enjoy the scenic beauty as you exercise.

Dog-Friendly Activities at B.B. Owen Park

Bring your furry friends to B.B. Owen Park for dog-friendly activities. Let your pets socialize and play.

Skateboarding at Kids’ Kastle

Kids’ Kastle offers a skate park for skateboard enthusiasts. Show off your skills and have a blast.

Entertainment and Shows

Attending Concerts at The Colony Amphitheater

Experience live performances and concerts at The Colony Amphitheater. Enjoy music under the stars.

Enjoying Movies at Studio Movie Grill

Watch the latest blockbusters at Studio Movie Grill. Combine dinner and a movie for a unique experience.

Live Performances at The Colony Playhouse

Immerse yourself in live performances at The Colony Playhouse. Enjoy local talent and community theater.

Comedy Shows at Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub

Laugh out loud at Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub. Enjoy stand-up comedy acts and hilarious performances.

Karaoke Nights at Stans Main Street

Show off your singing skills at Stans Main Street during karaoke nights. Sing your heart out and have fun.

Indoor Fun

Arcade and Laser Tag at Shenaniganz

Enjoy arcade games and laser tag at Shenaniganz. Play with friends and family in an exciting environment.

Exploring the Escape Room HQ

Challenge your problem-solving skills at the Escape Room HQ. Work together to solve puzzles and escape.

Indoor Trampoline Park at Urban Air Adventure Park

Experience high-flying fun at Urban Air Adventure Park. Bounce on trampolines and tackle obstacle courses.

Virtual Reality Experiences at Zero Latency

Step into the world of virtual reality at Zero Latency. Immerse yourself in thrilling VR adventures.

Bowling at Strikz Entertainment Center

Enjoy a classic bowling experience at Strikz Entertainment Center. Have a friendly competition with loved ones.

Wine Tasting and Brewery Tours

Wine Tasting at Landon Winery

Savor the flavors of local wines at Landon Winery. Enjoy tastings and discover your favorite vintage.

Craft Beer Sampling at Union Bear Brewing Co.

Explore craft beers at Union Bear Brewing Co. Sample a variety of unique and delicious brews.

Distillery Tours at Witherspoon Distillery

Learn about the distilling process at Witherspoon Distillery. Take a tour and taste their premium spirits.

Trying Local Brews at The Brass Tap

Experience a diverse selection of beers at The Brass Tap. Enjoy a laid-back atmosphere and great brews.

Wine and Dine at The Thirsty Growler

Wine and dine at The Thirsty Growler. Taste quality wines and enjoy a relaxing ambiance.

Seasonal Events and Festivals

Concerts and Festivities at Liberty By The Lake

Attend Liberty By The Lake, an annual festival featuring live music, food, and fun for the whole family.

Halloween Fun at Trick or Treat on Main Street

Celebrate Halloween at Trick or Treat on Main Street. Dress up and collect candy from local businesses.

Independence Day Celebrations at Independence Day Blast

Celebrate Independence Day with fireworks and festivities at the Independence Day Blast.

The Colony Wine & Food Festival

Indulge in a culinary experience at The Colony Wine & Food Festival. Savor delicious dishes and wines.

Art in The Colony: Art & Music Festival

Immerse yourself in art and music at the Art in The Colony festival. Enjoy live performances and creative exhibits.

Wellness and Relaxation

Spa Treatments at The Woodhouse Day Spa

Treat yourself to pampering spa treatments at The Woodhouse Day Spa. Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Yoga and Meditation at Yoga 4 Love Studio

Find inner peace and balance with yoga and meditation classes at Yoga 4 Love Studio.

Fitness Classes at TITLE Boxing Club

Stay active with fitness classes at TITLE Boxing Club. Get a great workout and relieve stress.

Relaxing Massages at Massage Envy

Unwind with a soothing massage at Massage Envy. Enjoy the benefits of massage therapy.

Wellness Retreats at Mariposas Garden

Participate in wellness retreats at Mariposas Garden. Focus on self-care and personal growth.

Historic Sites

Visiting the Peters Colony Memorial Park

Explore the Peters Colony Memorial Park, dedicated to the city’s history and pioneers.

The Colony’s First Post Office and Depot Museum

Learn about the city’s postal history at The Colony’s First Post Office and Depot Museum.

The Colony’s Oldest House

Discover The Colony’s Oldest House, a historic landmark showcasing the city’s heritage.

What Did They Do for Fun in The Colony?

The Colony offers a wide range of fun activities for residents and visitors alike. Some popular options include:

  1. Outdoor Adventures: Residents can enjoy water activities at Stewart Creek Park, boating and fishing at Lewisville Lake, and hiking along the Shoreline Nature Trail.
  2. Family-Friendly Fun: Families often visit Hawaiian Falls Waterpark, explore The Colony Public Library, and have a blast at Main Event Entertainment with bowling and arcade games.
  3. Cultural Experiences: People can visit The Tribute Tower for stunning views, tour the Texas Pool, and discover The Colony Historical Society Museum.
  4. Shopping and Dining: The city boasts various shopping centers like The Colony Crossing Shopping Center and Grandscape, offering a wide selection of shops and eateries.
  5. Parks and Recreation: Residents can relax at Old Shepard Place Park, play at Castle Hills Village Shops & Plaza, and enjoy jogging and biking at Austin Ranch.
  6. Entertainment and Shows: The Colony Amphitheater hosts concerts, Studio Movie Grill offers movies with dining, and the Lava Cantina presents live performances.
  7. Indoor Fun: Shenaniganz provides arcade and laser tag, Escape Room HQ offers exciting challenges, and Urban Air Adventure Park has indoor trampolines.
  8. Wine Tasting and Brewery Tours: Landon Winery offers wine tastings, Union Bear Brewing Co. features craft beer sampling, and Witherspoon Distillery provides distillery tours.
  9. Seasonal Events and Festivals: Liberty By The Lake hosts concerts and festivities, Trick or Treat on Main Street is popular during Halloween, and The Colony Wine & Food Festival is a culinary delight.

What Do Children Do in The Colony?

Children in The Colony have a variety of engaging activities to enjoy, including:

  1. Water Parks: Visiting Hawaiian Falls Waterpark for thrilling water slides and pools.
  2. Library Events: Participating in children’s programs and events at The Colony Public Library.
  3. Bowling and Arcade Games: Having fun at Main Event Entertainment with bowling and arcade games.
  4. Mini Golf: Playing mini golf at TopGolf for a friendly family competition.
  5. Ice Skating: Enjoying ice skating at The Colony Five Star Complex during the winter months.
  6. Indoor Trampoline Park: Bouncing around at Urban Air Adventure Park’s indoor trampoline park.
  7. Escape Room Challenges: Experiencing the excitement of solving puzzles at the Escape Room HQ.
  8. Children’s Festivals: Participating in seasonal events and festivals like Trick or Treat on Main Street during Halloween.

Is The Colony a Good Place to Live?

Yes, The Colony is considered a good place to live for several reasons:

  1. Strong Community: The Colony has a strong sense of community and a welcoming atmosphere.
  2. Outdoor Activities: The city offers numerous outdoor activities, parks, and access to Lewisville Lake.
  3. Schools: The Colony is served by excellent schools in the Lewisville Independent School District.
  4. Safety: The city maintains a safe environment with low crime rates.
  5. Convenience: Residents enjoy easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options.
  6. Job Opportunities: The Colony is in proximity to major job centers like Plano and Frisco.
  7. Affordability: The cost of living in The Colony is reasonable compared to nearby cities.

What Are the Amenities in The Colony, Texas?

The Colony, TX, boasts a range of amenities that cater to residents’ needs and enhance their quality of life:

  1. Recreational Facilities: The city has multiple parks, sports complexes, and recreation centers.
  2. Shopping and Dining: Residents have access to shopping centers like The Colony Crossing Shopping Center and Grandscape, offering various retail and dining options.
  3. Cultural Attractions: The Colony offers cultural experiences at places like The Tribute Tower and The Colony Art Gallery.
  4. Libraries: The Colony Public Library provides a wealth of resources and hosts community events.
  5. Healthcare Services: The city is served by medical facilities, including clinics and hospitals.
  6. Schools and Education: The Colony provides access to quality education through the Lewisville Independent School District.
  7. Entertainment Venues: Residents can enjoy concerts at The Colony Amphitheater, watch movies at Studio Movie Grill, and attend shows at The Colony Playhouse.
  8. Public Services: The city provides essential services like police, fire, and emergency services.
  9. Natural Beauty: Residents can appreciate the scenic beauty and recreational opportunities provided by Lewisville Lake and various parks.

In conclusion, The Colony, TX, offers an impressive array of activities, amenities, and family-friendly options that make it a desirable place to live and visit. With a focus on community, outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and a strong sense of convenience, The Colony has something to offer everyone.

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The Colony, TX, offers an abundance of fun and exciting activities for all ages and interests. From outdoor adventures and family-friendly fun to cultural experiences, shopping, and entertainment, the city has it all. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, The Colony promises a memorable and enjoyable experience. Embrace the charm of this vibrant city and explore its diverse attractions today.

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