Taberna Casa Lucas – Madrid

Casa Lucas

Casa Lucas is a small tapas bar. The restaurant is rather small with only a few tables, a few seats at the bar, along with a stand up table near the door.


We were given a small plate of bread with some fatty, salty and succulent sausage.

Jumilla, Carinena, Alella

The Jumilla (€6) was a terrine of spinach and leek on top of bread. The dish was finished off with a piece of shrimp. The terrine was rich and creamy, while the shrimp was sweet and tender.

The Carinena (€6) was grilled pork loin and caramelized onion on top of bread. The pork was tender and flavorful, while the onions were soft and sweet. The onions could have used a little more color on them however.

The Alella (€6) is chicken in soy sauce with purple onion and corn mousse. The chicken was tender, the soy sauce added a nice salty umami flavor. The onions added some sweetness and a slight hint of acidity. The corn mousse was sweet and earthy. The dish also had sesame oil to give a nutty finish.


The Cannelloni (€16) had a striking presentation, as the pasta is made with squid ink. The cannelloni was filled with roasted carrots and zucchini, along with langoustines in a creamy cheese sauce. The mixture of ingredients worked well, and the squid ink added a bit of funk to the dish.

Service was great, and the owner, who also tends the bar, is a friendly and personable guy. I would definitely like to explore more of the menu on another visit.

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