Sandos Playacar vs Sandos Caracol

Choosing the right resort for your vacation can be tricky, especially when deciding between Sandos Playacar and Sandos Caracol. In this blog post, we’ll compare these two popular resorts in detail to help you make an informed decision.


Sandos Playacar

Located in Playa del Carmen, Sandos Playacar offers proximity to shopping, dining, and nightlife. The resort is beachfront and provides a classic Caribbean experience. Learn more about the location here.

Sandos Caracol

On the other hand, Sandos Caracol is situated in a more secluded area, closer to nature and Mayan ruins. It offers a more tranquil environment. Read more about the area.


Sandos Playacar

Sandos Playacar boasts luxurious rooms with modern amenities. Options range from standard rooms to beachfront suites.

Sandos Caracol

Sandos Caracol offers eco-friendly rooms that integrate with the natural surroundings. Think less luxury, more immersion in nature.


Sandos Playacar

From water sports to dance classes, Sandos Playacar offers a plethora of activities. It’s perfect for those looking for action-packed holidays. See the list of activities.

Sandos Caracol

This resort leans more towards eco-friendly and educational activities. From animal encounters to eco-tours, there’s a lot to explore. Check out their eco activities.

Dining Options

Sandos Playacar

With multiple restaurants and cuisines, Sandos Playacar appeals to the global palate. Whether it’s Italian or Mexican, you’re covered.

Sandos Caracol

While still diverse, Sandos Caracol focuses more on local and sustainable cuisine, aligning with its eco-friendly mission.

Family Friendliness

Sandos Playacar

This resort is family-friendly, offering various activities and facilities for children, including a kids’ club.

Sandos Caracol

This resort is also family-friendly but adds an educational spin with eco-activities that are both fun and educational for kids.


Sandos Playacar

Generally, Sandos Playacar is slightly more expensive due to its luxury amenities and wider range of dining options.

Sandos Caracol

Being an eco-resort, Sandos Caracol can be a bit more budget-friendly, especially if you opt for the eco-rooms.

What Travelers Say

Reviews for Sandos Playacar

Reviews often highlight the excellent service and variety of activities. Read some reviews here.

Reviews for Sandos Caracol

Travelers appreciate the eco-friendly approach and unique activities offered. Check out these reviews.

Is the Sandos Caracol the same as Sandos Playacar?

No, Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar are not the same; they are two distinct resorts. Sandos Caracol is an eco-resort that focuses on sustainability and being close to nature. It offers eco-activities and is located in a more secluded area. Sandos Playacar, on the other hand, is a beachfront resort located in Playa del Carmen, offering a more luxury-oriented experience with a focus on a wide range of activities and dining options.

Is Playacar the same as Playa del Carmen?

Playacar is a residential and tourist development within Playa del Carmen. While Playa del Carmen is the larger city that includes various neighborhoods and a broad array of services, Playacar is a specific area known for its resorts, residential homes, and some tourist attractions. So, no, they are not the same but are closely related, with Playacar being part of Playa del Carmen.

Can you walk from Sandos Playacar to Playa del Carmen?

Yes, you can walk from Sandos Playacar to Playa del Carmen, but it may take some time. The distance can vary depending on your exact starting and ending points, but it’s generally about a 45-minute to an hour-long walk. The route is scenic, and you’ll pass through parts of the Playacar development, which is known for its beauty. However, taxis and public transport are also readily available if you prefer a quicker option.

What is the dress code for Sandos Caracol?

The dress code at Sandos Caracol varies by venue. For most daytime activities and at the buffet restaurants, casual wear like shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops are acceptable. However, for dining in the a-la-carte restaurants during the evening, a “smart casual” dress code is often required, meaning collared shirts and long pants for men and similarly appropriate attire for women. It’s always a good idea to check the specific dress code guidelines on their official website or by contacting the resort directly.

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Both Sandos Playacar and Sandos Caracol offer unique experiences tailored to different traveler types. If you prefer luxury and a diverse set of activities, Sandos Playacar may be for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, educational trip, consider Sandos Caracol. Choose wisely to make the most of your vacation.

Additional Resources

For further reading, check out the official websites for Sandos Playacar and Sandos Caracol.

Both these resorts offer something unique, and your choice between Sandos Playacar and Sandos Caracol will ultimately depend on what you seek in a holiday destination.

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