Perfect Pronunciation: Master Laduree Like a French Pro

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I’m so glad you’re here! After many requests, I’m finally writing this blog post about the pronunciation of Ladurée – one of my favorite French patisseries. It’s a tricky one to get right, and I know many English speakers struggle with it. What’s more, it’s a good indication that you understand how French works if you can say it correctly. So let’s dive into the proper way to pronounce “Ladurée”.

Correct Pronunciation of Laduree
The correct pronunciation of the word Ladurée is “la-du-ray”. It is a French name that originates from the expression La douceur, meaning “sweetness”. The word has been adapted over time and it is now pronounced as “Ladurée”.

The Origin Of The Word Laduree
The term ‘Ladurée’ can be traced back to France in the 19th century when Louis Ernest Ladurée opened his first cake shop in Paris. He created a range of cakes and pastries which he named after himself, thus giving birth to the modern day pastry brand known as ‘LaDURÉE’.

The Meaning Of The Word Laduree
While not commonly used today, the words ‘ladurer’ or ‘doucer’ are still seen occasionally in some French literature. In modern times ladurer means sweetness or sweetness of life while doucer means gentleness or mildness. These terms refer to a pleasant taste associated with certain foods such as cakes and pastries. They also reference feelings such as love, joy and contentment which are often associated with indulging oneself in sweet treats like those made by LaDURÉE.

    Common Mispronunciations Of Laduree

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Many people make the mistake of pronouncing this word incorrectly due to its complex spelling structure. Common mispronunciations include ‘lady RAY’ or even ‘LA DEW ray’. Other common mistakes include trying to pronounce each letter separately instead of sounding out all three syllables together (i.. e la duray). Improving your pronunciation may take practice but following these steps will help you get on track!

Firstly, it is important to sound out each syllable clearly – “la” followed by “du” then finally ending on “ray”. Secondly, if needed try breaking up each syllable into smaller pieces – for instance focus on saying just “duh” followed by an elongated but gentle sounding “ray”. Thirdly there are multiple ways you can spell this word correctly including Loréac , but staying consistent with one spelling helps ensure consistency in pronunciation too! Lastly using mnemonics may aid memory recall so creating something memorable such as the phrase: Lay Down & Relax could help you remember how to say it correctly every time!

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