Price’s Chicken Coop – Charlotte

Price’s Chicken Coop

Price’s Chicken Coop in Charlotte is an unassuming little spot. Barely noticeable from the street, the interior is rather simple and plain. There are no tables inside, and only a couple of chairs for waiting customers. The place is take-out only. There is no seating outside, but some people take their food and eat it across the street in a grassy little area, or to take home or back to work.

During my visit, there was a never ending stream of customers coming in and out.


The menu is simple and straight forward. Fried chicken, fried fish and several side options.  They also offer hamburgers, but I did not see anybody order those.

Fried Chicken

The chicken is super crisp and crunchy on the outside, and very moist and juicy on the inside. Juices were running down my hand with every piece.

Hush Puppies

The hush puppies were somewhat dry however. They were also lacking any deep corn flavor.

Price’s is definitely worth a visit for their fried chicken. In fact, Jay Leno stopped by the place earlier in the year.

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