Minas Gerais Holiday: Exploring Brazil’s Rich State

If you’re planning your next holiday, consider exploring the rich state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Located in the south of the country, Minas Gerais is known for its colonial towns, cultural heritage, and delicious cuisine.

This article will provide you with everything you need to know to plan the perfect Minas Gerais holiday, from getting there to places to visit and accommodation options.

Getting To Minas Gerais

To reach Minas Gerais, you can fly into the state’s capital city of Belo Horizonte, which has an international airport. Alternatively, you can take a bus or drive to the state from other parts of Brazil. Once you arrive in Minas Gerais, there are various modes of transportation available, including buses, taxis, and rental cars.

Public and Bank Holidays in Minas Gerais

Before planning your Minas Gerais holiday, it’s essential to consider the state’s public and bank holidays. In 2023, the state’s public holidays include New Year’s Day (January 1), Carnival (February 28 and March 1), Good Friday (April 14), and Labor Day (May 1). Other bank holidays to keep in mind include Tiradentes Day (April 21) and Independence Day (September 7).

Places to Visit in Minas Gerais

One of the top attractions in Minas Gerais is the colonial town of Ouro Preto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning baroque architecture and rich history. You can visit the town’s numerous museums, churches, and historic landmarks, such as the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi and the Casa dos Contos. Another must-visit town is Tiradentes, a charming and picturesque place with cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and a lively arts scene.

If you’re interested in exploring Minas Gerais’s natural beauty, head to Serra da Canastra National Park. Here, you can hike through the mountains, admire waterfalls and stunning vistas, and spot native wildlife such as jaguars, maned wolves, and giant anteaters. Other natural attractions in the state include the São Francisco River, the third-longest river in South America, and the Gruta Rei do Mato, a fascinating limestone cave with crystal-clear lakes.

Food and Drink

Minas Gerais is known for its delicious cuisine, which includes hearty stews, savory meats, and sweet desserts. One of the most popular dishes is feijão tropeiro, a bean-based dish with bacon, sausage, and eggs. Other must-try foods include pão de queijo, a cheese bread snack, and doce de leite, a caramel-like dessert made from condensed milk.

If you’re looking for a place to sample these delicacies, head to the Mercado Central in Belo Horizonte, a vibrant food market with over 400 stalls selling everything from fresh produce to souvenirs. Alternatively, you can try some of the state’s best restaurants, such as Xapuri, a rustic eatery serving traditional Minas Gerais cuisine, and Casa de Maria, a cozy spot with an extensive wine list.


When it comes to accommodation in Minas Gerais, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a luxury stay, consider the Holiday Inn Belo Horizonte, a stylish hotel with a rooftop pool and stunning city views. Alternatively, you can opt for a charming bed and breakfast or vacation rental in one of the state’s colonial towns.

Tailor-made Minas Gerais Holidays

If you’re looking for a more personalized Minas Gerais holiday experience, consider booking a tailor-made trip.

tailor-made trip offers custom itineraries that can be tailored to your preferences and interests, whether you’re looking for a cultural immersion, outdoor adventure, or relaxation. Their expert travel consultants will work with you to create a personalized itinerary that includes all the places you want to visit and experiences you want to have.

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How many days of holiday in Brazil?

Brazil has several public holidays throughout the year, including New Year’s Day, Carnival, Good Friday, Labor Day, and Christmas Day. In addition, each state may have its own public holidays. In 2023, Brazil has a total of 13 public holidays, including some that are specific to certain regions or cities.

What is Minas Gerais in Brazil famous for?

Minas Gerais is a state located in the south of Brazil, known for its colonial towns, rich cultural heritage, and delicious cuisine. It is also famous for its mineral resources, such as gold and precious stones, which have played a significant role in the state’s history and economy.

Why today is holiday in Brazil?

Today may or may not be a holiday in Brazil, as it depends on the date and the specific public holiday schedule. However, some of the most important holidays in Brazil include New Year’s Day, Carnival, Independence Day, and Christmas Day.

What is the name of the holiday in Brazil?

The name of the public holiday in Brazil can vary depending on the occasion. For example, Independence Day is known as “Dia da Independência” in Portuguese, while Christmas Day is known as “Natal.” Other public holidays have different names and may be specific to certain regions or cities.

Final Thoughts

Minas Gerais is a fascinating and diverse state that offers something for every type of traveler. Whether you’re interested in exploring colonial towns, enjoying delicious cuisine, or immersing yourself in Brazil’s rich cultural heritage, Minas Gerais has it all. So why not plan your Minas Gerais holiday today and experience the beauty and wonder of this incredible state in Latin America?

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