The Ultimate Showdown: Martha’s Vineyard vs Block Island – Which is Better?

Hi everyone! I’m excited to dig into the debate between Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island. As someone who has lived near both of these beautiful places, I can tell you that there really is no clear winner here! Both areas have unique characteristics and attractions that deserve to be recognized and enjoyed. So, let’s take a closer look at what makes each of these iconic islands so special, while also learning what makes them different from one another. By doing this, we can make an informed decision on which destination offers the best overall experience for our next vacation.

Geographical Comparison Of Martha’s Vineyard And Block Island
Martha’s Vineyard is an island located just south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the United States. It has a total area of 95 square miles and a population of approximately 17,000 people. The island has six towns – Aquinnah, Chilmark, Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Tisbury and West Tisbury. Block Island is located off the coast of Rhode Island in the Atlantic Ocean with an area of 10 square miles and a population under 1,000 inhabitants. It consists mainly of two villages – New Shoreham and Old Harbor with many other small hamlets scattered throughout its area.

Climate Of Martha’s Vineyard And Block Island
The climate for both islands can be classified as humid continental because it experiences hot summers but cold winters with temperatures ranging from 0-17°C (32 – 62 °F). Generally speaking they have mild weather year round but periods such as spring can bring more rain to either island depending on which part is experiencing what kind of weather at that time. Both islands are considered to have warmer climates compared to mainland America which makes them ideal tourist destinations during summer months when people want to escape colder parts further inland or northwards into Canada.

Transportation To Martha’s Vineyard And Block Island
To get to Martha’s Vinewood you’ll need to take a ferry from Woods Hole in Cape Cod or alternatively fly directly there if you prefer air travel instead; while getting to Block Island requires taking one ferry from Point Judith or Newport plus another smaller shuttle boat once arriving near by shoreline . Buses are also available around both islands so visitors don’t necessarily need their own vehicle unless they prefer having one for convenience reasons; however taxis might prove more expensive due travelling distances between different spots on each island that could add up quickly over time so its best advised do some research beforehand before deciding how best approach your vacation plans here accordingly.

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