Ischia vs Capri: Discovering Italy’s Island Paradises

Ischia and Capri are two pearls of the Bay of Naples. But when planning a trip to Italy’s beloved islands, should you choose Ischia or Capri?

Each Italian island has its unique allure, offering diverse experiences. This guide is designed to help you navigate these choices.

Access and Transportation

To reach either Capri or Ischia, travel from Naples or Sorrento is the most common route, with regular ferry services.

Capri is smaller, about 10 square kilometers, but it’s frequented by more tourists. In contrast, Ischia spans around 46 square kilometers and feels more laid back.

Natural Beauty and Landscapes

Ischia’s Landscapes

Ischia’s beaches are a key attraction, with Maronti being a forum TripAdvisor favorite. Not to be missed are the famous thermal springs, adding a unique touch to the island’s charm.

Capri’s Landscapes

Capri is renowned for its iconic Faraglioni and the mesmerizing Blue Grotto. The island’s natural beauty is unarguably a head-turner, making it a popular travel destination.

Cultural Highlights and Historical Landmarks

Ischia’s Culture

Ischia’s Aragonese Castle is a must-see historical landmark. The island’s culture shines through its traditional festivals, and the Ischia forum on TripAdvisor is abuzz with these events.

Capri’s Culture

Capri’s historical essence is best experienced in Villa Jovis and the charming town of Anacapri. The Piazzetta, Capri’s main square, is the heart of the island’s social life.


Both Capri and Ischia offer a range of accommodation options. Ischia is known for its wellness spa hotels, while Capri’s charm lies in its luxury boutique hotels.

Dining and Cuisine

The local cuisine of both islands is a gastronomic delight. Capri’s seafood pasta and Ischia’s rabbit stew are just a few dishes to name. Check TripAdvisor for best restaurant recommendations!


Whether you are in Ischia or Capri, shopping opportunities are plenty. Capri is known for high-end boutiques, while Ischia offers more local markets.


Ischia’s nightlife is quite relaxed and local, with beachfront clubs. Capri’s nightlife, on the other hand, is known for its upscale lounges and exclusive events.

Is Capri or Ischia Better?

“Better” is a subjective term and it largely depends on what you are seeking from your Italian island getaway. Capri is known for its glamour, high-end shopping, and bustling tourist activity.

Its major attractions, such as the Blue Grotto, Faraglioni, and the chic Piazzetta, draw in crowds from all over the world.

On the other hand, Ischia is more laid back and less crowded, making it ideal for a relaxing vacation. Its geothermal springs and beautiful gardens, such as the La Mortella, offer a unique wellness retreat. Ischia’s rich culture and history are equally fascinating, with landmarks like the Aragonese Castle.

Is Ischia the Same as Capri?

Although both Ischia and Capri are islands in the Bay of Naples, they are not the same. Capri, smaller in size, is often associated with luxury and celebrity culture.

Its topographical charm lies in its dramatic cliffs, the Blue Grotto, and the iconic Faraglioni.

Ischia, larger and less crowded, is famous for its geothermal springs, beautiful gardens, and sandy beaches.

The island is also rich in history, with the imposing Aragonese Castle serving as a prominent landmark. Hence, while both islands have a distinct Italian charm, they offer different experiences.

Is Ischia the Most Beautiful Island in the World?

Beauty is subjective, and there are many stunning islands around the world. Ischia, with its panoramic views, geothermal spas, beautiful gardens, and historical landmarks, definitely ranks high in terms of beauty.

It also boasts a unique culture, traditional Italian cuisine, and welcoming locals, enhancing its appeal. However, claiming it as the “most beautiful” would depend on individual preferences and experiences.

Is Capri or Ischia Bigger?

In terms of land area, Ischia is significantly larger than Capri. Ischia spans an area of about 46 square kilometers, making it the largest island in the Bay of Naples.

On the other hand, Capri covers an area of about 10 square kilometers. Despite being smaller, Capri often feels more crowded due to the higher influx of tourists. Ischia, with its larger size, offers more space and feels more relaxed.

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Comparison and Conclusion

Choosing between Capri and Ischia depends on what you seek. Capri is glamourous and busy, while Ischia offers a more laid-back, wellness-focused retreat.

Ischia, Capri, or even the smaller Procida – each Italian island in the Bay of Naples promises a unique experience.

Traveling to these islands, whether it be the lush landscapes of Ischia, the glamorous Capri, or the tranquil Procida, every traveler will find their Italian island paradise.

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