How to Make a Pillowcase for a Travel Pillow?

Are you a frequent traveler who understands the value of a good travel pillow? If so, why settle for a generic pillowcase when you can make a customized one? In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create a pillowcase specifically designed for your travel pillow, ensuring maximum comfort during your journeys.

Making a Pillowcase for a Travel Pillow: The Basics Explained

Creating a travel pillowcase doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few materials and some sewing skills, you’ll have a personalized pillowcase in no time. Let’s dive into the process and learn how to make your own travel pillowcase that perfectly fits your needs.

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Materials and Tools

Before we begin, gather the following materials and tools to ensure a smooth DIY process:

  • Soft and breathable fabric (preferably cotton)
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Iron and ironing board

Taking Measurements

To start, accurately measure your travel pillow to determine the dimensions of your pillowcase. Add seam allowances to ensure a proper fit. These measurements will serve as a guide throughout the sewing process.

Cutting the Fabric

Prepare your fabric by washing, ironing, and folding it. Use the measurements from the previous step to mark and cut the fabric pieces. You’ll need a front and back piece for the pillowcase.

Sewing the Pillowcase

With the fabric pieces ready, it’s time to sew them together. Pin the fabric pieces with their right sides facing each other and sew the sides and bottom of the pillowcase. Reinforce the corners and finish the seams using serging, a zigzag stitch, or pinking shears. Press the pillowcase for a neat finish.

Creating the Pillow Opening

Carefully turn the pillowcase right side out and fold the open edges inward. Sew the pillow opening using either topstitching or hand sewing, ensuring a secure closure for the pillow.

Finishing Touches

Trim any loose threads and give the pillowcase a final press for a crisp look. At this stage, you can also add personalization elements like embroidery or appliques, or enhance the design with trims and ribbons.

Cleaning and Care Instructions

Before using your travel pillowcase, familiarize yourself with the fabric’s laundering recommendations. Proper care and storage will help maintain the pillowcase’s quality and durability.

What is the size of a travel pillow pillowcase?

The size of a travel pillow pillowcase depends on the dimensions of your specific travel pillow. To determine the appropriate size, measure the length, width, and depth of your pillow. Add a seam allowance of around 1/2 inch to each measurement. The resulting dimensions will serve as the size for your travel pillowcase.

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How do you make a pillowcase step by step?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a pillowcase:

  1. Gather your materials and tools: fabric, measuring tape, scissors, pins, sewing machine or needle and thread, and an iron.
  2. Measure your pillow: Determine the length, width, and depth of your pillow. Add seam allowances to each measurement.
  3. Cut the fabric: Using the measurements from the previous step, cut two fabric pieces—one for the front and one for the back of the pillowcase.
  4. Pin the fabric pieces: Place the fabric pieces together with their right sides facing each other. Pin the sides and bottom edges to secure them in place.
  5. Sew the sides and bottom: Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew along the pinned edges, leaving the top edge open for the pillow opening. Use a straight stitch and backstitch at the beginning and end for durability.
  6. Reinforce the corners: Trim the corners diagonally to reduce bulk. This will create neater corners when you turn the pillowcase right side out.
  7. Finish the seams: To prevent fraying, finish the raw edges of the fabric by using a serger, a zigzag stitch, or pinking shears.
  8. Turn the pillowcase right side out: Carefully turn the pillowcase inside out, gently pushing out the corners for a crisp finish.
  9. Press the pillowcase: Use an iron to press the pillowcase, ensuring smooth and wrinkle-free fabric.
  10. Create the pillow opening: Fold the open edges of the pillowcase inward, creating a hem. You can either hand sew or topstitch along the folded edge to secure it.
  11. Final touches: Trim any loose threads and give the pillowcase a final press for a polished look.
  12. Your pillowcase is ready: Insert your pillow into the pillowcase through the opening, and you now have a homemade pillowcase.

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What can I use instead of a travel pillow?

If you don’t have a travel pillow handy, there are a few alternatives you can use for neck support and comfort during travel:

  1. Rolled-up clothing: Roll up a soft piece of clothing, such as a sweater or a scarf, and place it behind your neck for support.
  2. Inflatable neck pillow: These compact pillows can be inflated when needed and easily deflated and packed away when not in use.
  3. Small regular pillow: If space allows, you can use a small regular pillow, like a throw pillow or a down pillow, to provide comfort during travel.
  4. Neck cushions: Look for neck cushions or travel cushions specifically designed for neck support during travel.

Remember, while these alternatives may not be specifically designed for travel, they can still provide some level of comfort and support for your neck during your journey.

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How do you make a pillowcase into a throw pillow cover?

To transform a pillowcase into a throw pillow cover, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the pillowcase: Determine the dimensions of your throw pillow. Ensure the pillowcase is slightly larger than the pillow to accommodate the thickness.
  2. Turn the pillowcase inside out: Flip the pillowcase inside out, with the wrong side facing outwards.
  3. Pin the open edge: Fold the open edge of the pillowcase inward, aligning it with the desired size of your throw pillow. Pin the edge to hold it in place.
  4. Sew the open edge: Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew along the pinned edge, leaving a small opening for inserting the pillow.
  5. Trim excess fabric: Trim any excess fabric from the sewn edge, ensuring a neat finish.
  6. Turn the cover right side out: Carefully turn the cover right side out through the small opening, gently pushing out the corners.
  7. Insert the pillow: Insert your throw pillow through the opening until it fills the cover completely.
  8. Sew the remaining opening: Hand sew or use a hidden stitch to close the opening.
  9. Final touches: Give the throw pillow cover a gentle press with an iron to remove any wrinkles.


Congratulations! You have successfully made a pillowcase for your travel pillow, tailored to your preferences. By following the simple steps outlined in this tutorial, you can enjoy a comfortable and customized travel companion on all your adventures. Whether you’re on a long flight, a road trip, or simply taking a nap on the go, your DIY travel pillowcase will ensure a cozy experience throughout your journey.

Remember, making a travel pillowcase doesn’t have to be challenging. With a few materials, some sewing techniques, and a touch of creativity, you can create a functional and stylish pillowcase that perfectly suits your travel needs. So, grab your fabric and sewing tools, and let your creativity soar as you embark on this easy travel DIY project. Happy crafting!

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