How to Attach a Travel Pillow to Your Backpack?

Are you tired of uncomfortable journeys and sleepless nights while traveling? The solution lies in the humble travel pillow. Travel pillows offer excellent neck and head support, ensuring a restful sleep on planes, trains, or buses. But how do you keep your travel pillow handy while on the go? In this guide, we’ll show you how to attach your travel pillow to your backpack, providing you with easy access and saving valuable packing space.

Types of Travel Pillows

Before we dive into attaching the travel pillow to your backpack, let’s briefly explore the different types of travel pillows available. Inflatable pillows, memory foam pillows, and neck pillows are among the popular options. Choose the one that suits your comfort preferences and travel needs.

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Choosing the Right Backpack

To securely attach your travel pillow, selecting the appropriate backpack is crucial. Consider the size and design of your backpack, ensuring it has attachment options such as straps, loops, or hooks. Additionally, make sure the backpack can accommodate the size of your travel pillow without compromising other essential items you plan to carry, like a sleeping bag or clothes.

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Before attaching your travel pillow, take a few preparatory steps. Pack your pillow in a compact manner, so it’s easy to handle. Ensure the pillow is clean and dry to avoid any unpleasant odors or moisture buildup. Familiarize yourself with the attachment options available on your backpack, making it easier to find the suitable point to secure your pillow.

Attaching the Travel Pillow

Now it’s time to attach your travel pillow to your backpack. Locate the appropriate attachment point on your backpack, be it straps, loops, or hooks. Adjust the pillow’s position and utilize the available options to secure it tightly, preventing it from falling off during your travels. Make sure the attachment is snug but not too tight to maintain comfort.

Alternatives to Attachment

If your backpack lacks attachment options or you prefer an alternative method, here are a few suggestions. Consider using a carabiner or clip-on accessory to attach the pillow. Some travel pillows come with integrated backpack strap attachments, which provide a convenient and secure way to carry them. Additionally, utilize external pockets or compartments on your backpack if available.

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Tips for Comfortable Travel

To maximize comfort during your journey, follow these tips. Adjust the pillow’s inflation or stuffing according to your preference and support needs. Test the backpack with the attached pillow to ensure it feels comfortable and balanced. Be mindful of weight distribution to avoid strain on your back. And always maintain proper posture while wearing the backpack to prevent discomfort or back pain.

What is the travel pillow hack?

The travel pillow hack refers to the technique of attaching a travel pillow to your backpack, making it easily accessible and saving valuable space in your luggage. It allows you to keep your travel pillow within reach during your journey, ensuring comfort and convenience while on the go. By securely attaching the pillow to your backpack using straps, loops, or hooks, you eliminate the need to carry it separately or stuff it inside your bag, providing a practical solution for comfortable travel.


Attaching a travel pillow to your backpack is a game-changer for comfortable travel. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can keep your pillow within easy reach, save valuable packing space, and enjoy restful sleep wherever your adventures take you. Don’t let uncomfortable journeys spoil your travel experiences. Invest in the best travel pillows and make attaching them to your backpack a priority. Happy and comfortable travels await you!

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