Hotel Grandezza – Brno, Czech Republic

The Hotel Grandezza is located in the historic center of town around the “Cabbage Market”. It is conveniently located about 5 minutes away from the train station by foot.


Upon entering the lobby, it has high stained glass ceilings with marble floors. Although the lobby feels spacious, it is actually somewhat small.

Fire Protection

Getting to the room was somewhat like going through the maze in The Shining. There was a fire extinguisher right outside of the room, which did not get in the way, but was helpful in case of fire.

Upon entering the room, there is a short hallway that turns to the right and opens up to the room. The room is actually fairly spacious and comfortable.

The bathroom is located on the left.


There is a single sink with very limited counter space.

Bath Amenities

There was Pascal Moribito bath products, which did the job but was nothing high end.


There is a shower/tub combo with the dreaded half shower door. The water pressure was good, but the tub was slightly narrow.


The toilet was wedged between the shower and sink. Strangely, there was no Kleenex in the bathroom, or the entire room for that matter.

Towel Warmer

There is also a towel warmer in the bathroom, which can also serve as a towel rack.


Making a left when coming out of the bathroom is the desk and TV. The desk is fairly narrow, but plenty wide.


To the right when coming out of the bathroom are two double closets which provide a lot of storage space. Two bathrobes, and a safe are also located within the closet.

Sitting Area

There are two chairs with a round table to the right of the desk. The chairs were in a similar pattern as the carpet, and was almost camouflaged into the carpet.

Free Mini-Bar

Much like Andaz properties, everything in the mini-bar was free, including the acohol and was replaced daily.


The bed was comfortable, and had plenty of space around the bed in which to maneuver.

It should be noted that there are only blinds in rooms on the fifth floor, which makes the room very bright. You can also hear the trains/trams and church bells from the Hotel Grandezza.

The Hotel Grandezza is conveniently located to the train station, and being near the historic center means being close to restaurants and shops.

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