Gusty’s Harbour Island: Exploring a Caribbean Paradise

Welcome to Gusty’s Harbour Island! I’m so glad you’re here. Having been born and raised in this beautiful part of the world, I’m passionate about this place that I call home, its crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches. From enjoying a day at the beach to relaxing on one of our many boats, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for adventure or just a chance to unwind, come explore with me all that Gusty’s Harbour has to offer!

History of Gusty’s Harbour Island

Gusty’s Harbour Island is a small Caribbean island located off the eastern coast of Belize. It has been inhabited for centuries by natives, who called it “Sailor’s Haven.” The first Europeans to arrive on the island were Spanish explorers in the 1600s, and they named it after their leader, Captain Gustofo. Over time, various settlers from Britain and other countries began arriving and establishing settlements. In 1763, England officially acquired control of the island from Spain as part of a peace treaty between them. During this period many British loyalists also arrived on the island escaping persecution from their home countries during The American Revolution in 1776 .

Geography And Climate Of Gusty’s Harbour Island

Gusty’s Harbour Island covers an area of just under five square miles nestled within its own archipelago consisting of two main islands and numerous smaller ones which are referred to as cays or keys. While much of its terrain is relatively flat with rolling hills that reach heights up to 500 feet above sea level at its highest point there are also some cliffs along its coastline which offer stunning views over the surrounding waters . This location makes it ideal for water activities such as snorkeling , sailing , fishing , swimming and more . Its climate is tropical year-round with temperatures ranging between 75°F – 90°F during summer months (May-September) while winter months (October-April) tend to be slightly cooler averaging around 65°F – 80°F . Rainfall can occur throughout every month although usually heavier showers come during hurricane season which runs annually June through November).

The People And Culture Of Gusty’s Harbour Island

The people living on “Gustys Harbor” are known as ‘Harborites’, a diverse mix made up mostly from descendants of African slaves brought over from mainland Caribbean territories when slavery was abolished in 1834 . They speak both English & Creole languages making conversations very colorful ! There is an abundance culture rooted deeply into daily life here where locals live harmoniously amongst each other despite their differences in ethnicity & religions; Roman Catholics make up most followed by others such Christianity, Hinduism & Islam among others all coexisting peacefully together creating unique vibrant vibes you won’t find anywhere else! Tourist attractions include historic sites like old churches built during colonial times ; local markets ; rum tours ; carnivals held annually attracting thousands visitors each year; boat rides offering glimpses into marine life nearby coral reefs; beach parties featuring delicious food prepared traditional recipes passed down generations before us …and so much more!

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