Best Places to Stop Along I-77: A Traveler’s Guide

Embarking on a road trip from Atlanta, Georgia, to Virginia via I-77 presents a golden opportunity to explore hidden gems along the way. This scenic route takes you through North Carolina, offering a variety of options for dining, accommodations, and attractions. In this article, we’ll guide you through some remarkable stops along I-77, promising an enriching and enjoyable journey.

1. Huntersville, North Carolina (Exit 23)

Huntersville, North Carolina
Huntersville, North Carolina
  • Dining Delight: Treat your taste buds to Cookout Burgers and Shakes, a local favorite offering delectable burgers and milkshakes.
  • Nearby Attractions: Explore the scenic beauty of Lake Norman or discover the bustling Birkdale Village with its diverse dining options.

2. Birkdale Village (Exit 25)

Birkdale Village
Birkdale Village
  • Culinary Variety: Birkdale Village boasts a cornucopia of dining options. Try EEZ, a Japanese fusion restaurant, or savor the flavors at Red Rocks Cafe, Dressler’s, Qdoba, and Brixx Pizza.
  • Shopping and Entertainment: Stroll through charming streets, explore boutiques, or catch a movie at the downtown movie house.

3. Lake Norman Area (Exit 28)

Lake Norman Area
Lake Norman Area
  • BBQ Bonanza: Stop by Mac’s BBQ, located across from Michael Waltrip Racing, to relish some mouthwatering barbecue.
  • Lakefront Dining: Enjoy a lakeside meal at Rusty Rudder, Pelican Patio, or savor sushi at Sushi on the Lake.

4. Mooresville, North Carolina (Exit 33)

Mooresville, North Carolina
Mooresville, North Carolina
  • Local Flavors: Jeffrey’s, Big Bitez Grill, and Vinny Sardines offer a diverse range of culinary experiences.

5. Statesville, North Carolina (Exit 36)

Statesville, North Carolina
Statesville, North Carolina
  • BBQ Paradise: Don’t miss Lancaster’s BBQ, where you can savor some of the best barbecue dishes.
  • Steakhouse Delight: Experience the charm of Epic Chophouse or indulge in classic Italian fare at Tony’s Pizza.

6. Quirky Charm in Mount Airy, North Carolina (Near VA/NC Border)

Quirky Charm in Mount Airy, North Carolina (Near VA/NC Border)
Quirky Charm in Mount Airy, North Carolina (Near VA/NC Border)
  • Andy Griffith’s Hometown: Dive into nostalgia in the charming town of Mount Airy, known as the inspiration for Mayberry in the iconic Andy Griffith Show.
  • Mayberry Motor Inn: Stay at the Mayberry Motor Inn, a 60s-style motel brimming with show memorabilia.

This well-preserved town offers delightful strolls through downtown, where you can explore shops and restaurants. Catch a show at the Andy Griffith Playhouse or enjoy a classic movie at the downtown theater.

As you venture from Charlotte towards the Virginia border, these stops along I-77 promise not only convenience but also a chance to discover the unique flavors and cultural treasures of North Carolina. Whether you’re seeking savory barbecue, scenic lake views, or a taste of classic Americana, this journey has something for everyone. So, next time you hit the road along I-77, take the scenic route and make the most of your adventure.

Does Interstate 77 go through mountains?

Yes, Interstate 77 does go through mountains. The highway passes through the Appalachian Mountains, offering scenic and picturesque views along certain stretches. One notable mountainous section of I-77 is located in the western part of Virginia, where it traverses the Blue Ridge Mountains. This portion of the highway provides travelers with breathtaking vistas and a memorable driving experience through the mountainous terrain.

What states does I-77 run through?

Interstate 77 runs through several states in the eastern United States. It begins in Columbia, South Carolina, and travels through the following states:

  1. South Carolina: I-77 starts in Columbia and continues north through the state, passing through cities like Rock Hill and Fort Mill.
  2. North Carolina: After crossing the border from South Carolina, I-77 continues through North Carolina, connecting cities such as Charlotte, Statesville, and Elkin.
  3. Virginia: I-77 enters Virginia near the town of Hillsville and proceeds through the southwestern part of the state, passing through cities like Wytheville and Bluefield.
  4. West Virginia: The highway briefly enters the southeastern corner of West Virginia, near Bluefield, before continuing into Virginia again.

How long is Interstate 77?

Interstate 77 is approximately 613 miles (987 kilometers) long. It starts in Columbia, South Carolina, and extends north through North Carolina, Virginia, and briefly touches the southeastern corner of West Virginia. The highway terminates in Cleveland, Ohio, where it merges with Interstate 90.

Where does I-77 north end?

Interstate 77 north ends in Cleveland, Ohio. At its northernmost point, I-77 merges with Interstate 90, forming a concurrency that continues westward. This intersection of I-77 and I-90 is commonly referred to as the “Northwest Split.” From there, I-90 continues west towards Toledo, Ohio, while I-77’s journey concludes, offering access to various routes and destinations in Cleveland.

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As you reach the end of your I-77 journey, you’ll realize that the route is teeming with exciting places to discover.

From the captivating attractions of Charlotte to the cultural offerings of Columbia, the scenic beauty of Rock Hill, and the family-friendly charm of Fort Mill, each stop along I-77 presents unique experiences and memories.

So, plan your road trip, pack your bags, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure along this iconic highway. Explore the places, savor the local flavors, and enjoy the wonders that I-77 has to offer. Safe travels!

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