Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge – Toronto

The lounge was packed to the gills when we arrived. The lounge is quite large, but finding an empty seat was rather difficult. I did not want to take pictures of the seating when it was so full. There are several different seating areas in the lounge however.

The food offerings were actually quite impressive.

Chips & dips

There were tortilla and pita chips with salsa, hummus, and a scary looking guacamole.

Main Dishes

There were two types of ravioli, salad, rice and salmon.

Pho Condiments

There were several types of soups, including pho with all of the accompanying condiments.


There were also several types of prepared salad.


Dessert offering included a napoleon, a type of Indian dessert and cookies.

Food was replaced rather regularly, and there did not appear to be a time when empty dishes stayed that way for very long.

If the lounge was less crowded, this would be a good place to hang out for a while with a long layover. The fact that the lounge was so packed did detract from the atmosphere a little. The food was good and replaced regularly though.