ANA Shower Room – Haneda Airport

Following my long layover in which I was able to explore Kamakura a little, I was looking forward to taking a shower before my flight.

I have previously reviewed the ANA Business Lounge at Haneda Airport, so this review will just focus on the shower room.

After providing my Star Alliance Gold card, I inquired about the shower rooms. I was given a pager and told that the wait was about 45 minutes. This was a lot longer than I was expecting, and since I didn’t have that much time in the lounge was wondering if I would even have time to take a shower if called before my flight started boarding.

Luckily the pager went off with about 20 minutes to spare before my flight started boarding.


I was led to my shower room by an attendant who was very nice and helpful. The corridor is neat and well maintained with sleek black walls.

The shower room itself is perhaps a little larger than most business class lounges, but not as big or opulent as some lounges out there, such as the Lufthansa First Class Terminal or the Cathay Pacific First Class lounge.

Shower & Toilet

The shower itself is on the larger side, and thankfully bigger than a phone booth. There is a Japanese style toilet.

Counter Space

The sink has a decent amount of counter space.


There are amenities by Shiesedo, and come with just about everything you can imagine.

The shower rooms are impeccably clean, and are the perfect way to freshen up before a long flight.

ANA Business Class Lounge – Narita Airport

ANA Lounge Guide

The ANA Business Class Lounge in Narita Airport in Terminal 1 is located one floor below the departures level.

Lounge Entrance

The entryway of the lounge is very open and inviting. Large glass windows reveals a sleek and modern interior.

Upon presenting my boarding pass and Star Alliance Gold Card, I was invited in.

Sake Display

There is a sake display as you enter the lounge.

Food options included noodles, meatballs, salad, fruit, and desserts.

Fountain Drinks

There is a self-serve drink fountain, which includes iced coffee.

Sushi Menu

At 5 PM, there was a sushi bar with made to order sushi. There were only three options, and you could only order two at one time.

“Sushi Bar”

There is a bar that seemed to be used mainly at night, where sushi was made to order.

I was only there for a very brief period; therefore, I didn’t get to explore the entire lounge. The lounge is actually on the smaller side, but there are different seating areas. The lounge also has showers, but I did not visit it on this trip.

ANA Business Class Lounge – Narita

ANA Lounge

The ANA Business Class Lounge at Narita International Airport is much like the one in Haneda, except maybe a little larger.

I had a quick layover, and was able to spend about 30 minutes in the lounge.

The food spread in the lounge is very similar to Haneda as well.

Lounge Spread
Lounge Spread
Lounge Spread
Lounge Spread

There was sushi, onigiri, salad, miso soup, and chicken wings.

“Sake Bar”

There is also a self-serve “sake bar”.

There is also a noodle bar as well.

The lounge does have showers available, but I did not have a chance to take a look during my quick visit.

ANA Business Lounge – Haneda Airport

ANA Business Lounge

After my disappointing meal at Setagaya, I headed over to the ANA Business Class Lounge. ANA has “partnered’ with Star Wars including specialized paint jobs to include R2-D2, BB-8, and a combination R2-D2/BB-8 planes.

Star Wars Figures
Star Wars Figures

Upon entering the lounge, there was a display case of Star Wars action figures.


The lounge is large, and contains plenty of seating. The lounge was pretty crowded, so I decided not to take pictures that would have included a lot of people.

Food Selection
Food Selection
Food Selection
Food Selection
Food Selection
Food Selection
Food Selection

Food offerings include salad and sandwiches, pastries, sushi, musubi (rice balls), and several hot dishes. There is also a noodle bar with several different types of offerings.

Partial Drink Selection

There is a “sake bar”, and self-serve alcohol including Japanese whiskey.

Setagaya – Haneda Airport

During my trip I really wanted to eat at Rokurinsha, the famous tsukemen restaurant located in the underbelly of Tokyo station. Rokurinsha has hand crafter their noodles for their tsukemen, which is highly regarded by the like of Anthony Bourdain and David Chang.

Unfortunately, I did not have the time to go there during my trip. I did notice that they had another branch at the Haneda Airport. Although likely not as good (what airport restaurant is given the logistical problems?), I figured I had a chance to try some of their heralded tsukemen.


Upon arriving at Haneda I looked for Rokurinsha and could not find it. I passed something called Setagaya, and people in line were saying that this was Rokurinsha. Even people had posted pictures saying that this was indeed Rokurinsha. Although uncertain and still skeptical, I decided to take a chance and eat here.

Given their reputations, I opted for the tsukemen.

Tsukemen Noodles

After a few minutes, out came a bowl of noodles that were mostly cold. There were two sheets of nori, and a medium soft boiled egg. The super thick noodles that Rokurinsha were nowhere to be seen.

Tsukemen Soup

A bowl of unattractive soup came for dipping the noodles. The broth was extremely salty, oily and generally unflavorable. The broth was lukewarm at best.

Combining the cold noodles and lukewarm broth made for a completely unsatisfying meal. Unfortunately, my last meal in Tokyo was also my worst, so lasting memories of a great last meal were not meant to be.

After doing a little more digging, the restaurant I actually went to was Setagaya, which is known for their shio ramen during the day, and fish based ramen at night. Given the food that came out of the kitchen during my visit, even one of their signature dishes couldn’t have been wildly successful.

It turns out that Rokurinsha is actually located in the International terminal. I will make it a point to try and eat at the original Rokurinsha on my next visit to avoid any further confusion, time permitting.