Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Grand Hyatt Jakarta

The Grand Hyatt Jakarta overlooks the iconic Selamat Datang Monument, and is great for shopaholics as it is attached to the Plaza Indonesia Mall and across the street from the Grand Indonesia Mall.

Hotel Entrance

Before entering the hotel you and your things will go through a quick security check. Once entering the hotel, there is a grand staircase with an open atrium to the hotel. There is an escalator located to the left of the staircase.

Grand Suite

Upon exiting the escalator is the front desk. I was quickly checked-in to my room. I used a Diamond Suite upgrade certificate for this stay, and was placed into the Grand Suite.

Guest Bathroom

Upon entering the room, a guest bathroom is located directly to the right.

Dining Table

Just to the left of the entryway is a small dining table. Beyond that is the coffee maker and 6 bottles of water.

Living Room

Proceeding straight from the entry is the living room which had a sofa, chair with ottoman, another ottoman, a coffee table, and an end table.  A bowl of fruit was also sitting on the coffee table.

Desk, Mini-Bar

In the corner of the living room was the desk, and mini-bar.


A TV was hung on the wall facing the door, but could be seen from both the desk and sitting area.

Peanuts & Cookies

Waiting on top of the desk were two boxes of peanuts, and a box of chocolate cookies.

Office Supplies

Next to the desk were items that could come in handy, such as paper clips, binder, stapler, and Post-Its.

King Bed

The bedroom featured a king bed with a bench at the foot of the bed. A rack to hang your jacket was also provided.

Bedroom TV

The bedroom had a small TV, but there was a door that separated it from the living room.

The walk-“through” closet was huge, with drawers, two sets of racks to hang your clothes, a place to store your luggage, iron, ironing board, and robes.  There is a vanity mirror also located inside of the closet.

Master Bathroom

The closet also led to the master bathroom which contained two sinks and a large tub.

Toilet & Bidet

The toilet and bidet were in a separate enclave.


The shower featured both a handheld nozzle, and rainfall showerhead. June Jacobs products were featured, which are not my favorite.

The Grand Club is located on the 22nd floor. I did not eat breakfast here during my stay, as I was given the option to have breakfast in the restaurant, which I thought was a much better option. The Grand Lounge is rather long and narrow. Tables are located throughout the lounge with a few couches sprinkled throughout.

The lounge also features a smoking section, which is located in the very back of the lounge. There is a door that separates the smoking section from the rest of the lounge, and does a pretty good job of keeping the smoke out.

Daytime offerings were rather sparse, and included fruit, cookies, and drinks.

Peking Duck

Evening offerings include a “featured dish” that was located next to the entrance. One night it was Peking duck, another night was a whole fish.

There were three other hot items offered each day, along with sandwiches, salads, assorted appetizers, bread, cheese, sushi, and dessert.

I chose to have breakfast in the Grand Café. I tried taking pictures of the buffet my first morning but was stopped by the “Picture Nazi”. She started yelling and waving her arms telling me no pictures were allowed. There were no more than 5 guests in the restaurants, and perhaps she was concerned that I was taking pictures of other guests. In my opinion, this policy only hurts the restaurant, and hotel, instead Why wouldn’t potential guests/customers want to see what the restaurant had to offer.

The breakfast buffet included Asian, Western, and Indian options. In addition, you could have eggs prepared any way you liked as a Diamond member.

Pool Area

The pool area looks more like a Balinese resort, rather than a city hotel. There is a nice A-frame building when entering the pool area which has some Indonesian art decorations throughout.

There is a garden-like section.

There are outdoor beds available.

The pool is actually fairly large. The main feature might be the the “3 idols” from which water spews from their mouths.

There is also a Jacuzzi area.

Swim-Up Bar

There is also a swim up bar, which was not in use during the time of my visit.

Additional Pool Seating

There is also seating away from the pool area.

The gym is one of the most impressive I have seen for a hotel gym.

The amount of exercise equipment is quite staggering, was in good shape, and relatively new. Equipment included bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, Swiss balls, free weight, and weight machines.

There is a separate cardio room which featured a Pilates table, kickboxing bag, dance bars, and yoga mats.


There is also a café/sitting area.

Men’s Locker Room

The men’s locker room was impressive with plenty of lockers in a large open space.

Men’s Lounge

There is also a lounging area within the locker room.

Physical Therapy Office

There is a Physical Therapy office located next to the gym, but I am sure that is not included in the room rate.

The Grand Hyatt Jakarta is centrally located, and convenient to many restaurants, and of course shopping.

Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui – Hong Kong

After getting off the A21 City Flyer bus, I walked a short block to the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui. Although the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is nicer, and they are probably done with their renovation, it is sort of isolated. Plus, I actually enjoyed my stay at the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui on my prior visit.

Since I was arriving very late, check-in was quick and smooth. I had applied a Diamond Suite upgrade for this stay.

Room 1825

My room was located on the 18th floor at the end of the hallway.

Entry Hallway

Upon entering the room there is a short hallway with a nice black and white picture, at which time you could go left or right.

Living Room

To the left was a small living room of sorts. There is a slightly curved couch, table and luggage rack.

Coffee Maker & Mini Bar

There was also a smaller flat screen TV, coffee maker, 5 bottles of water, and the mini-bar.

Fruit Plate

There was a welcome amenity of a plate of fruit.

Red Wine

I was also given a bottle of wine.

View to Bathroom

From the living room, you could look across the bedroom and into the bathroom.


There is a small desk, with a decent amount of work space if just working on a computer. The hotel provides a free cell phone to use during your stay.  You can make unlimited phone calls, and free internet use on the phone.  Best of all, you can use the phone as a wifi hotspot.


The bed has a nightstand on each side. A bottle of water was also provided. Although there were outlets, I could not get them to work.


There is a small TV in the corner of the bedroom.


The bathroom had a nice deep tub, which I did not use.


There is a single sink with a decent amount of counter space.


The toilet has its own enclosure.


The shower had dual shower heads, as well as a mirror. Both water pressure and water temperature were very good.


When turning right at the end of the entrance hallway, was an open closet. It contained robes, slippers, iron, ironing board, and a couple of drawers.

View to Living Room

You could see into the living room from the closet area, and vice versa.

Victoria Harbor

I had a nice view of Victoria Harbor from my room.

Club Lounge

Breakfast is served in the Club Lounge. The lounge is split up into two areas. The main area is somewhat small and narrow.

There is a back room, which is a little bigger. Both rooms have fantastic views of Victoria Harbor.

There was a selection of bread, beans, sausage, green beans and pork, noodles, congee, pastries, fruit, cereal, salad fixings, cheese, milk, yogurt, drinks, museli, juice, cold cuts and a coffee machine.

There is also a small menu with eggs prepared to your liking, sausage, bacon, asparagus, hash browns, and a grilled tomato.

During the evening there was a selection of chips, bread, desserts, salads, soup, mushrooms, guacamole, salsa, crudité, cheese, and nuts.

Hot items included lamb meatballs, vegetable buns, and shrimp toast.

The gym is on the smaller side, but has a decent variety of equipment, as well a small fridge of water.

The hotel also has an outdoor garden, which was kind of sparse at the time of my visit.

Play Area

There is also a small play area on the garden level.

The pool was located one floor down from the garden level.

Pool Area

There is a small seating area with a bar.

There was a sign saying that the pool was closed, but there were a few people laying out by the pool.

I had a great stay at the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui. If you don’t mind being on the Kowloon side, I think this is a solid choice. It is attached to the K11 mall, there are MTR stations accessible without leaving the hotel. In addition, there is a vast amount of shopping and restaurants in the immediate area.

Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral

Since my flight into Kuala Lumpur arrived much later than scheduled, I did not have too much time in the city.

After taking the KLIA Express from the airport to the KL Sentral train station, it was an easy walk to the Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral since it is attached to the train station. The KLIA Express is having a promotion through the end of the year. You get a 20% discount when paying with Mastercard. You can buy online, through their app, or at the ticket kiosk at the airport or Sentral station. I chose to buy through their app, which worked like a charm.

After following the signs and heading up the escalator, turn right once you reach the entrance of the mall. You will head down a walkway past some restaurants and enter the hotel on the second floor.

Take the elevator right by that entrance, as it only goes to floors one and two, so waiting shouldn’t be a problem.

Compared to my prior visit earlier in the year, check-in was quicker.

Room 1811

I was given keys to my king room.


Upon entering the room, the bathroom is located directly to the left. There is a single sink, a walk-in shower and toilet. The shower and toilet share the same sliding door, which can be awkward if sharing the room with another person.


The shower has dispensers for shampoo/conditioner, and body wash.


The space for the toiler is a little cramped. In addition to the toilet, there is a hose.

Coffee Maker

Across from the toilet is the coffee maker and safe. Four bottles of complimentary water are provided, which is very generous.


Next to the coffee maker is the closets, which contains two robes, two pairs of slippers and extra towels.


The room is fairly spacious with plenty space to move around. The room is on the dimmer side however, as lights are not plentiful.

Bean Bag Chair

Something that wasn’t in the room on my prior visit was a brightly pink bean bag chair.


The bed was on the firm side. There is a small night stand on either side of the bed, however outlets were only provided near the right side of the bed.

Durian Sign

There was a funny sign/slogan over the bed.

Free Drinks

One new thing that this Aloft offers is free drinks and snacks, much like the Hyatt Andaz brand does. There were two bottles of water, two soft drinks, an energy drink, orange juice, and a beer.

Free Snacks

On the snack side, there were two bags much like cheese puffs, a small canister of Pringles, oriental crackers, a small pack of Oreos, a “healthy cookie” and a bag of peanuts.

I though the drink and snack selection was very generous, and would be replaced daily. This is much more than the Andaz hotels that I have been to offer.

My stay was much better this time around. I think that since the hotel has been open for a while, some of the kinks are starting to be worked out. The Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral is convenient if coming from the airport late, or for early departures.

Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok

Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok

The Marriott Courtyard Bangkok is located between the Grand Hyatt Bangkok and the St. Regis Bangkok down a small street near the Erawan Shrine.

You have to go through security before entering the hotel. Once through security, the front desk is located to the right.


There is a little garden to the right of the hotel entrance.


The lobby is bright and spacious with several seating areas.

Front Desk

The front desk has a library theme, with books behind the front desk.

Corner King

I was upgraded to a Corner King Room.


Upon entering the room, the closet is right next to the front door. Robes and slippers were provided, along with an iron, ironing board, and safe.

Luggage Rack

The hallway extends further down where there is a luggage rack.

Mini Bar

Next to the luggage rack is the coffee maker, mini bar and complimentary bottles of water.

Past the mini-bar, is the bathroom.


There is a window looking out to the bedroom. Luckily there is a shade that you can pull down for privacy.


There is a single sink with an ample amount of counter space.

Nervae Produces

Nirvae amenities were provided, which weren’t half bad and had a nice citrus scent.


There is only a shower, which was pretty spacious. Water pressure could have been better but the temperature remained steady. There is also a bench in the shower.


The toilet was located in the corner.


On the other side of the bathroom window sits the desk. The desk is slightly on the smaller side, but had enough working space for me. Outlets were conveniently placed next to the desk with one outlet that could be used without the need for an adapter. Next to the desk was the TV.

Chair & Ottoman

In the corner of the room was a chair with ottoman, small coffee table and lamp.


The bed was slightly on the firmer side with plenty space of walk around on each side. A nightstand was on both sides of the bed. Unfortunately, there were no outlets next to the bed.

Welcome Amenity

Waiting in my room was a welcome amenity of a small chocolate cake, which was very rich and chocolatey.

Trail Mix

On another day, I was given a small bag of trail mix, and sugared tamarind.

Welcome Letter

I was given a welcome letter which outlined some of the benefits of the hotel. One of the unique features of the hotel is that it has a Club Lounge, a rarity for Courtyards.

Merger Letter

I was also given a letter announcing the official merger with SPG.

Business Lounge

The Business Lounge is located on the 15th floor.

Lounge Entrance

The entrance had two glass doors. You had to scan your room key in order to enter the lounge.

There is a reception desk located to the left once you enter.

There is a front room with a few seats, but was mostly used to hold some of the food items.

Although I didn’t eat breakfast in the lounge, I did check it out one morning.

There was bacon, potatoes, eggs, beans, tomatoes, sausage, and condiments.  There was also a coffee maker and different varieties of tea.  There are also a couple of refrigerators with drinks including soft drinks, juice, yogurt, museli, milk, fruit, water and beer (evenings).

In the evening, there were salad fixings, bread, desserts, cheese, a selection of alcohol, and several hot offerings per night.

Lounge Bathroom

The bathroom in the lounge is fairly spacious and was clean.

Lounge Seating

The back room of the lounge has additional seating.

There is a balcony with additional seating, but it was raining during much of my stay.

Lounge View

The view from the lounge is of the surrounding high rise buildings.


Marriott/Ritz Carlton Gold and Platinum members get access to the lounge. I was given the option of having breakfast in their restaurant, Momo Cafe. You have access to the buffet.

There are a variety of juices, smoothies, fruit, Eastern and Western offerings.

Laksa Station

There is even a Laksa station.

There is a signature egg dish offered during breakfast as well, which was a Chicken Panang Curry Egg Benedict, which was very good.

The gym is on the smaller side, but had enough equipment to get a decent work out. Bottled water, towels and a water dispenser if also provided.

The pool area is two stories to some extent.

There is a bar and outdoor shower by the pool.


The pool itself is on the smaller side, but perfectly functional.

The top floor has a deck with a couple of lounge chairs and umbrellas.

The hotel also has a tuk tuk, which takes you to the Chit Lom BTS station. They depart every 30 minutes or so.

Although back from the main streets, the Marriott Courtyard Bangkok is an excellent choice, especially for Gold and Platinum members, due to the lounge and breakfast benefits.

Prices also seem pretty reasonable, as they seem to be under $100/night.

I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again.  It’s a particularly good deal if you have status with Marriott/Ritz Carlton, and SPG once they get fully incorporated.

Hyatt Place Ontario/Rancho Cucamonga

It has been a couple of years since I last reviewed the Hyatt Place Ontarior/Rancho Cucamonga. A lot has changed since that time. The hotel has a new owner, and most of the staff has been replaced. It does appear that a refresh of the hotel has been done however.

Upon entering the hotel, the front desk is slightly to the right. I was quickly helped, but it took about 15 minutes to get checked in. The front desk associate saw my reservation, but then checked her computer and probably called the shift manager about my reservations. I’m not sure what the problem was as it was never explained to me. It’s not like I was getting upgraded to a suite, since this Hyatt Place doesn’t have any.

King Room

I was eventually assigned to room 315.

Couch, Ottoman

Upon entering the room, there is an L-shaped couch with two ottomans, and small table to the right.

Coffee, Sink

To the left is a small counter with sink. There is a small coffee maker as well.  A small refrigerator is located under the counter.


The desk is located opposite of the small counter, which is on the smaller side, but functional.

King Bed

There is a semi-partition between the couch and desk area to the bed. The bed is on the firmer side, but still comfortable. There is an in-room air conditioner rather than central air conditioning. The air conditioner is rather loud but does cool the room quite well.


The bathroom is split into two parts. The sink is located in the room.

Shower, Toilet

The bathroom has a toilet and shower with a fully enclosed door, which is something new. Previously, the showers had the dreaded half door.


The bathroom was on the dirty side, as there was something unidentifiable on the floor.


The gym is located on the ground floor. It is rather small, with little equipment, but good enough for a quick work out.

Towels, Headphones

Towels are provided, as ear headphones, which is a nice touch. There is also a water cooler.

Breakfast is complimentary for all guests. Hyatt Place has their “Signature Skillets”. On this day, there was something that resembled an Egg McMuffin, both as a complete sandwich, and an open faced sandwich. There are also pancakes, juice, fruit, bread, pastries, yogurt, and oatmeal.


There is a separate coffee station.


The cereal is also located away from the main dining area.


The pool area is on the smaller side, but it is nice that there is a pool.

The hotel is undergoing some changes with a new owner, and new staff. It seems that they are going through some growing pains.