Asiana Economy Meals – Seoul to Los Angeles

The meals in economy class on Asiana are much better than what you would find on US domestic carriers.

That being said, they are not gourmet by any means. There is an Asian and Western option.

First Meal

For the first meal, I chose the chicken entrée. It was sitting atop a small puddle of Velveeta cheese like sauce. There were a few vegetables thrown in, along with potatoes that would have gone a long way with a crunchy texture. It was served with a shrimp salad that had way too much mayonnaise for my taste. Dessert came in the form of a chocolate pudding cake. Like most Asian desserts, cakes in particular, it was not overly sweet. I did not eat the roll.

Pre-Landing Meal

The pre-landing meal consisted of chicken in marinara sauce, paired with penne pasta in a thick cream sauce. A couple pieces of broccoli was also thrown into the mix. A small salad was also served that was heavy on the mayonnaise, therefore I did not eat it. A plain cake was served, which was somewhat moist. Again, I did not eat the roll.

The meals in economy class on Asiana airlines is more than passable. There is no comparison between what you would find on a US domestic carrier. Portion sizes were also considerably larger than what you would find on US domestic carriers.

Asiana Airlines Business Class: Hong Kong to Seoul

Asiana Airlines
Flight OZ 722
Hong Kong to Seoul
Departs: 1:15PM, Arrives 5:30PM
Seat 8J

Upon having my boarding passed checked-in at the gate, I was informed that I had been upgraded to business class. While looking around at the gate, I noted a group of at least 100 students waiting to board the plane. I’m guessing that had something to do with the upgrade.

This flight is operated on a 747, and has Asiana’s old business class seat which are angled flat. Although the Smartium business class seat has much more privacy and is more comfortable, this flight only last a little over 3 hours. Nobody was seated next to me, so I had some semblance of privacy.

Business Class

Business class is located on the upper deck. Business class is set up in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Seat 8J

The seat is on the narrower side. Although there is a small divider between the seat, there does not seem to be very private.

TV Screen, Leg Room

There is a decent sized TV screen. There is an ample amount of leg room as well.


Waiting at my seat were a thin pair or slippers.

Seat Controls

The seat controls look outdated, but were easy to use.

Air Vents

Air vents were a welcome sight, and something rarely seen on internationally configured planes. These were also welcome as Asiana tend to keep their planes very warm.

Storage Area

There is a huge storage area next to the window seat.

Seat Divider Control

There is also a control button for the divider between the seats.


A pair of outlets is also located between the seats.

Pre-Departure Beverage

I was offered a pre-departure beverage and chose a glass of water.

Hot Towel

A hot towel was also offered.

Phiaton Headphones

Phiaton headphones were offered.

Wine List
Wine List
Wine List
Wine List
Wine List
Wine List
Wine List

Once settled in, menus were offered.

For lunch, I chose the Western option.

Smoked Duck

An appetizer of smoked duck breast was served with a red pepper relish and some greens. The duck was tender, but did not have a strong smoke flavor. IT was served with a side salad with greens and frisee but was a little overdressed.

Beef Stew

The entrée was beef stew with noodles and green beans. The tray looked like part of a TV dinner. The stew was fairly tasty, although it looked somewhat messy.

Fruit Plate

A fruit plate consisting of watermelon, grapes, melon, and dragon fruit was served next.

Ice Cream

Lastly, a small container of vanilla Haagen-Dazs ice cream was served.

Bathroom Sink

The business class bathroom was fairly spacious. The sink was fairly wide and had a decent amount of space.

L’Occitane Products

L’Occitane amenities were offered, which I generally like.

Service was friendly and professional. Asiana’s service is not overly pro-active, but if ringing the service bell, an attendant will be at your seat in a matter of moments.

It was a pleasant surprise to upgraded on this sector.

Asiana Economy Meals – Los Angeles to Hong Kong

The flight from Los Angeles to Seoul included a main meal, mid-flight snack, and finally a pre-arrival meal. Flight attendants would wander throughout the cabin after the main meal service with cups of water on offer.


The main meal in economy was surprisingly good. I chose the beef steak, which had a Cajun type rub. The steak was very tender and pretty flavorful. The mashed potatoes tasted like it came from a box but was passable. The vegetables were a little overcooked. The spicy cold noodle salad, actually had a slightly sweet taste. The shrimp was pretty tender though. I did not eat the bread. The mocha cake was typically Asian in flavor, meaning not very sweet.

Ham & Cheese Croissant

A mid-flight snack of a ham and cheese croissant sandwich was served. The sandwich was decent, but was heavy on the bread and lacking in filling.


The pre-arrival meal consisted of a chicken and mushroom entrée. The meal didn’t look appealing, but is about what you would expect at Flame Broiler. There was an odd kidney bean, garbanzo bean salad which I did not really like. The fruit was a little under ripe and lacking in flavor and sweetness. I did not eat the bread.

There was only one meal served on the flight from Seoul to Hong Kong.


There was a chicken and mushroom type dish. This was similar to the chicken and mushroom meal from Los Angeles to Seoul, but only slightly different. It was served with an apple mayo salad, which I did not like. I did not eat the bread. Dessert was a yellow cake, which was slightly moist and just sweet enough.

The economy meals on Asiana are much better than what you would find flying on domestic carriers to international destinations. They are not gourmet by any means, but is decent enough to keep you occupied for a short period.

Asiana Economy Meals – Manila to Los Angeles

The flights home from Manila to Los Angeles were less entertaining. There were no overhead leaks which required a tape job akin to wrapping a mummy.

Like my flights on the way to Manila, the air conditioner was turned on full blast for the first and last 30-40 minutes of each flight, and headsets were taken away about 40 minutes before landing, yet the entertainment system continued to work perfectly fine. For maximum enjoyment of the entertainment system, you should bring your own headphones.


On the flight from Manila to Seoul, I chose the bibimbap, which should be South Korea’s national dish according to chef Edward Lee.

The dish was not presented as nicely as you would find in a restaurant, or business or first class. The rice was overcooked and kind of pasty. The vegetables weren’t as crunchy as one would like, but the pickled vegetables added a nice acidity. The beef was well cooked, but wished the portion would have been bigger. The soup was not to my liking as it contained dried salted fish. The kimchi was perfectly acceptable. The fruit was a little under ripe. An acceptable meal, but I have had better and worse in economy.

On the flight from Seoul to Los Angeles, two meals were served.

Chicken with Cheese Sauce

The first meal was chicken, which was rather pale, in a cheese sauce topped with French fries. The chicken was tender, and the sauce was actually not too bad. The fries could have been crisper, but that would be nearly impossible for a reheated meal. The salad contained bay shrimp with just a little too much mayo for my liking. Dessert was a yellow cake with a whipped pudding type topping dusted in cocoa powder. Like many Asian desserts, it wasn’t too sweet. I did not eat the bread.

Chicken & Pasta

The second meal consisted of pasta. There was penne pasta in a cream sauce, which could have used more salt. It was paired with chicken in a marinara sauce. The salad consisted of a lettuce leaf and tomato with an apple mayo salad. Dessert consisted of a yellow cake. Once again I did not eat the bread.

Meals in economy on Asiana are perfectly edible. They are not gourmet by any means, and I don’t expect it to be. Portion sizes are quite decent however.

Asiana Airlines: Seoul to Manila – Economy

Asiana Airlines
Flight OZ 703
Seoul to Manila
Departs: 7:50 PM, Arrives 10:45 PM

This flight was operated by an A330. Boarding started about 20 minutes late. Once boarding had completed, we were delayed another 45 minutes or so. The flight finally departed close to 9:00 PM.

Pillow & Blanket

Like my flight from LA to Seoul, a pillow and blanket was already waiting at my seat.

Chicken Meal

A little over an hour into the flight a meal was served. It consisted of a red cabbage slaw with sausage, chicken in a cream of mushroom type sauce with vegetables, a roll, and a cream type cake with cocoa powder.

Intermittently throughout the flight something was rattling from overhead. It sounded like a bunch of rocks were rolling around in the overhead bins.

The rattling noise became somewhat more frequent as the flight went on.

Cabin “First Aid”

During the final descent, something started leaking from overhead and onto a passengers head. I am not sure what it was. She called over a flight attendant. It was just a matter of minutes before a whole team of flight attendant were packing paper towels over the leaking substance and were putting packing tape over the paper towels.

“Mummified” Cabin

In the end, the leak was stopped, but the plane looked like a mummy. I am not sure if this has happened before on this plane, but the rattling noise was rather obvious.

Besides being delayed for over an hour, and the noise/leaking incident, the flight was rather uneventful and one of the few direct flights from Seoul to Manila.