ANA Shower Room – Haneda Airport

Following my long layover in which I was able to explore Kamakura a little, I was looking forward to taking a shower before my flight.

I have previously reviewed the ANA Business Lounge at Haneda Airport, so this review will just focus on the shower room.

After providing my Star Alliance Gold card, I inquired about the shower rooms. I was given a pager and told that the wait was about 45 minutes. This was a lot longer than I was expecting, and since I didn’t have that much time in the lounge was wondering if I would even have time to take a shower if called before my flight started boarding.

Luckily the pager went off with about 20 minutes to spare before my flight started boarding.


I was led to my shower room by an attendant who was very nice and helpful. The corridor is neat and well maintained with sleek black walls.

The shower room itself is perhaps a little larger than most business class lounges, but not as big or opulent as some lounges out there, such as the Lufthansa First Class Terminal or the Cathay Pacific First Class lounge.

Shower & Toilet

The shower itself is on the larger side, and thankfully bigger than a phone booth. There is a Japanese style toilet.

Counter Space

The sink has a decent amount of counter space.


There are amenities by Shiesedo, and come with just about everything you can imagine.

The shower rooms are impeccably clean, and are the perfect way to freshen up before a long flight.

ANA Airlines – Los Angeles to Narita, Tokyo – Economy

ANA Airlines
Flight NH 5
Los Angeles to Narita, Tokyo
Departs 11:25 AM, Arrives 4:25 PM
Seat 18D

On a recent trip to Jakarta, I flew ANA airlines. I will only cover the LAX-Tokyo Narita segment.

Like many airlines, you are able to pick your seat prior to departure. Even when doing an online check-in 24 hours prior to departure, you can change seats.

When doing my online check-in, I noted that the entire front row was suddenly open. In hoping to get an entire row to myself, I chose seat 18D.

Much to my surprise, once boarding had been complete, my once empty row was completely full.

Seat 18D

Waiting at my seat was a pillow, blanket, and a pair of headphones.

Once seated, I noted that the seat was extremely narrow. This is due to the entertainment system, and tray table are both incorporated into the seat, thus making the actual seat narrow.

Roasted Chicken

For the lunch meal, I chose the Western option, which was roasted chicken. The chicken was good, but the skin rubbery. The mashed potatoes and vegetables were okay, and reminded me of what you would find in a TV dinner. There was a potato salad with some lettuce, along with a piece of ham. A small serving of soba noodles was also included. Dessert was a sponge cake with a non-descript flavor frosting.

Mayonnaise Senbei Cracker

After meal service, a small snack service is set-up in the galley. It consisted of chips and crackers. The most curious thing I found in the snack basket was a mayonnaise flavored cracker. I did not try it, so I can’t comment on it.


For the pre-landing meal, I again went with the Western option, which was lasagna. It was pretty dry, and the pool of marinara it was sitting in did not add much moisture to the dish. It was served with a side of vegetables, that did not pair great with lasagna. A cup of strawberry yogurt and some cut fruit completed the meal.

R2-D2 Plane

Upon landing, we were fortunate enough to be parked next to the ANA R2-D2 plane, one of the commemorative Star Wars planes.

On the return flight home, I was lucky enough to fly the Star Wars BB-8 jet, which I will cover later.

Kuala Lumpur -Los Angeles – Economy Meals

The ANA flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo included a regular meal, and a light snack.

Meal Options

During the first meal service, meal cards were available for those did not speak Japanese. The card had both pictures, and a description of the two meal choices, which was a Japanese style hamburger, or a cheese omelet with chicken pate.

Japanese Hamburger Steak

I chose the Japanese style hamburger steak. The meal came with a side of vegetables and rice. There was a cold noodle salad, yogurt, Yakult and sliced fruit. The hamburger wasn’t too bad. It was dry, and the gravy added some flavor. The noodle salad was cold and refreshing. The fruit was a little on the less sweet side.

Tuna Sandwich

The snack/pre-arrival was a tuna sandwich with cheese and lettuce. The sandwich was kind of dry, and the amount of tuna was lacking on filling.

Snack Mix

In regards to the flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, United’s service started with a small bag of oriental style snack mix. I didn’t eat this so I don’t know what it tasted like.


For the main meal I chose the chicken entrée, which was chicken teriyaki like dish with vegetables and rice. It was okay, but nothing special. There was also an oriental style noodle salad, which had a strong sesame oil taste. I didn’t take eat the bread, so I can’t provide any comment.

Cheese Omelet

The pre-arrival meal was a cheese omelet made with powdered eggs on top of marinara sauce, with what appeared to be a sausage boiled in water for several hours. This came with a hash brown, that wasn’t crispy. It also came with a cookie that I did not eat. This meal was about as appealing as it sounds, in other words pretty bad.

The meals on ANA are better than United, but not outstanding. Service on ANA however, is so much better than that on United. Their flight attendants actually take pride in their job, and put service first.

ANA Business Class Lounge – Narita Airport

ANA Lounge Guide

The ANA Business Class Lounge in Narita Airport in Terminal 1 is located one floor below the departures level.

Lounge Entrance

The entryway of the lounge is very open and inviting. Large glass windows reveals a sleek and modern interior.

Upon presenting my boarding pass and Star Alliance Gold Card, I was invited in.

Sake Display

There is a sake display as you enter the lounge.

Food options included noodles, meatballs, salad, fruit, and desserts.

Fountain Drinks

There is a self-serve drink fountain, which includes iced coffee.

Sushi Menu

At 5 PM, there was a sushi bar with made to order sushi. There were only three options, and you could only order two at one time.

“Sushi Bar”

There is a bar that seemed to be used mainly at night, where sushi was made to order.

I was only there for a very brief period; therefore, I didn’t get to explore the entire lounge. The lounge is actually on the smaller side, but there are different seating areas. The lounge also has showers, but I did not visit it on this trip.

Economy Meals – United & ANA LA to Bangkok

There were really good deals to Asia and Europe in May, so I booked a bunch of tickets to visit some cities that I had been to before, and some that would be new. It was also a good way for me to maintain my Star Alliance Gold status with Turkish Airlines. Unfortunatley, flying on a partner airline doesn’t really mean much other than having extra baggage allowance and lounge access, which I actually think is pretty valuable at some airports

You might have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting upgraded on a partner airline, unless the flight is oversold and all nobody has status on that airline.

My flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo was operated by United Airlines

Teriyaki Chicken

Lunch consisted of a dish much like Teriyaki Chicken. There was a salad with wheat berries, apples and cranberries, and a roll. The chicken teriyaki tasted much like you would get at Flame Broiler, but the rice was a little on the mushy side. The salad wasn’t bad, but I am not a favorite of sweet things in salad, so the apples and cranberries were a little off putting. I did not eat the roll.

Raspberry Sorbet

After dishes were removed, which took quite a while, a little container of Raspberry Sorbet was served. It was a little sweet, and not the best sorbet in the world.


Breakfast consisted of an omelet with a sausage link, and potatoes. The eggs were kind of nasty, as they were made with powdered eggs. If the potatoes had been crispy, they would have been much better. Also served was a cookie much like an almond cookie that you would find at a Chinese restaurant, only without the almond. Once again, I did not eat the bread.

After a brief layover, in which I was able to visit the ANA Business Class Lounge at Narita in Terminal 1, I boarded my next flight.

The flight from Tokyo to Bangkok was operated by ANA Airlines.

Rice Crackers

A snack of Rice Crackers was offered. I didn’t eat these so I don’t know what they tasted like.

Curry Chicken

The meal consisted of curry chicken with rice and vegetables. Although the chicken didn’t look too appealing, the taste was actually not too bad. The salad was a little on the skimpy side as it consisted of iceberg lettuce, and a few shards of carrot with a sesame dressing. Dessert consisted of a chocolate cake with a slight lemony frosting.

The meals on both airlines are about what you would expect in economy. I would say that the food and portion size was slightly preferred on ANA.