Banh Mi Hyun Hoa

Banh Mi Hyun Hoa

Banh Mi Hyun Hoa is generally considered the best banh mi shop in Ho Chi Minh City. The shop sits in a very small space with just a couple of chairs.

It is take away only. I have heard complaints that they don’t speak English there, but I did not run into that problem. By no means was their English perfect, but way better than my three words of Vietnamese.

The banh mi here is on the more expensive side for what you can find on the street, at ~$1.30. But the banh mi is absolutely loaded with meat. Dare I say too much meat, especially for somebody who is a meat lover.

They don’t open until 3 PM, so if you’re hoping to grab one for a late breakfast or early lunch, you are out of luck.

Banh Mi Hyun Hoa is definitely a spot working checking out however.

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