Vietnamese Coffee Republic – Ho Chi Minh City

Although Vietnam is one of the world’s top producers of coffee, their coffee culture has not always been what it is today. Yes, many Vietnamese drink coffee regularly, thanks in large part to its French influence.

One of the most iconic drinks of Vietnam is Café Su Da, or Vietnamese iced coffee. Start out with very strong drip coffee, add a very generous amount of sweetened condensed milk and pour it on top of ice. It’s almost akin to drinking melted ice cream.

I made a quick stop at Vietnamese Coffee Republic, where they take their coffee seriously.


The space is on the smaller side, as it is very narrow but long. There is a stand up coffee “bar” on the first floor with a couple of tables. There is a gradually winding staircase leading to the second floor, but I did not have a chance to go up there. The entire space is clean and modern, with bookshelves adorning the back to give it a “library” feel against the stark contrast of white.


There appears to be Japanese glassware that is used to make coffee as well.

Cafe Su Da

As usual, it was rather hot and humid in Ho Chi Minh City, so I decided to go with the Café Su Da. The coffee is extremely strong, but the generous amount of ice and sweetened condensed milk instantaneously cooled me down some.

The coffee is so strong that it doesn’t fill the entire cup.

If you are a coffee lover, it is worth stopping in.

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