Fanny Ice Cream – Ho Chi Minh City

Fanny Ice Cream

Fanny Ice Cream gets rave reviews on Trip Advisor, so I had to see what all the fuss was about. I think the rave reviews have more to do with their Instagram presentations on some their dishes, rather than for the ice cream itself.

First of all, this is gelato not ice cream. In the sweltering heat, having something cold seemed like a great idea.

Mango & Coconut

The mango had a nice, vibrant fruity taste and was not overly sweet. My only complaint was that it was really soft and on the verge of becoming soupy in a matter of seconds.

The coconut had a deep, rich coconut flavor but was a little too sweet for my taste. There were flecks of coconut throughout. The ice cream came with a little cookie.

This is not the best “ice cream” that I’ve ever had, but eating something cool on hot humid days is hard to beat.

I found their prices to be on the higher side for what it is. I guess their presentation commands top dollars by Instagramers.

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