Rokurinsha – Haneda Airport, Tokyo


On my last layover at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, I was unsuccessful in trying to eat at the famed Rokurinsha, known for their tsukemen, or dipping ramen. With tsukemen, the noodles are served separately from the soup. You dip your noodles into the broth, which is a very concentrated broth that becomes slightly diluted from the remaining water on the noodles.

Rockurinsha is located in the departures area of the international terminal. There is a food court.

Rokurinsha can be easily spotted by the three red honeycombed hexagons that make up their logo.


The menu is simple, and is broken down into “dip noodles”, or tsukemen, or the more familiar ramen.

Extra toppings including chashu, shredded pork, menma (bamboo shoots), a soft boiled egg, or shrimp flavored pepper can be added.

They also have gyoza, or pan fried dumplings, available.

Special Dip Noodles

I chose the “Special Dip Noodles”, one of the tsukemen choices.

The noodles at Rokurinsha are much thicker than what you would normally find. Rokurinsha specifically made their noodles this way in order to have more soup cling to them. Although the broth is made with pork and chicken bones, it is also made with dried baby sardines, dried and smoked mackerel flakes, and finally dried and smoked bonito flakes. Needless to say, the broth is on the fishier side, with tons of umami and sea worth salinity shining through.

The noodles come cold which is a drawback for many. As you continue to dip the noodles into the broth, the soup becomes colder. I found that instead of dipping the noodles, by actually swirling them through the broth a little bit that the broth remained warmer for longer.

As the soup gets colder or depleted, there is hot water at the counter to make it hotter or easier to drink as the soup is rather concentrated.

The shredded pork was also on the colder side, but the egg was nicely cooked.

I was glad to finally have tried Rokurinsha, an establishment much heralded by many, including Anthony Bourdain and David Chang.

I had another upcoming trip with a rather long layover, in which I wanted to go to the original Rokurinsha inside of Tokyo Station.

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