Hasedera Temple – Kamaura, Japan

Hasedera Temple
Hasedera Entrance

The Hasedera Temple in Kamakura is a large Buddhist Temple. From the outside, it doesn’t really look like much, but the grounds are expansive and impressive.

As you enter the grounds there is a small pond and garden.


Next to the pond is the chozuya, where you wash your hands and mouth.

Smiling Statues
Smiling Statues

The temple grounds contain a lot of stairs, which are pretty steep at times. On the first level, are perhaps the most iconic statues of Hasedera, three little smiling statues.

Further down the path are more statues.

There is a small bamboo forest, along with a small Zen garden.

Temples are also located close to the Zen garden, which are very impressive.

There is a small torii gate, and there is also a small area for ema to be placed.

Once back down the stairs and to the right of the entrance, is a larger Zen garden, which is very beautiful and peaceful.

One of the most unique features of Hasedera is a cave that contains many figures.

After exiting the cave there is a larger area to place ema.


Further down, there is a larger smiling statue like the smaller figures up on the hill.

I think Hasedera Temple is a definite must when visiting Kamakura. You can easily spend a few hours there, as time just seems to fly by when visiting.

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