Croquette Stand – Kamakura, Japan

Croquette Stand

After my visit to Kotoku-in Temple in Kamakura, my original plan was to wait and eat lunch later, as I was planning to eat at one of the more highly regarded restaurants in Kamakura.

I was hungry, but didn’t want to have a real meal. After exiting Kotoku-in, the street leading up to the temple is filled with restaurants, snack places, and coffee shops, especially close to the temple.

Partial Selection

There was a small croquette stand nearly across the street. There were a bunch of school kids in line to buy croquettes, so I figured it must be good, and it also wouldn’t fill me up too much.

Pork & onion croquette

I opted the for pork & onion croquette, which was ¥200.

The croquette was light and crunchy on the outside, although just a tad on the oily side. The interior was a nice mix of potatoes, ground pork, and onions.

It was the perfect snack to hold me over until lunch.

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