Kafe Betawi – Jakarta

Kafe Betawi

Kafe Betawi is a chain of restaurants throughout Indonesia. As the name would suggest, they specialize in Soto Betawi, which is a soup made with beef, milk or coconut milk, and vegetables.

Soto Betawi

This version of soto betawi was made with coconut milk, potatoes, tomatoes, basil, and beef and beef offal. The soup was creamy and mild. One of my main complaints with this soup was that it was served lukewarm rather than hot.

Sweet Barley Soup

The next dish was dessert like. It had a barley taste with sweetener, and pieces of bread. It reminded me of a sweeter version of the barley drink served at many Korean restaurants following your meal.

I didn’t have the opportunity to try much of the menu at Kafe Betawi, but what I did have was more than passable. I know many people will scoff at this restaurant, as soto betawi can often be found on the street, in one of the many carts that dot the city.

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