Gado Gado Boplo – Jakarta

Gado Gado Boplo

Gado Gado Boplo is a chain of restaurants, specializing in Gado Gado, as the name would suggest.

Gado Gado

Gado Gado is a salad composed of slightly cooked and wilted vegetables, tofu, hard boiled eggs, longtong (rice cooked in banana leafs) topped with a dressing made out of peanuts. The salad is usually topped with emping, a cracker made out of melinjo nuts. The emping crackers are crispy, and slightly bitter. The gado gado also contained green beans.

The salad was drenched in the peanut sauce dressing, which was on the sweeter side. The dressing is made with a sweet soy sauce, adding boatloads of sugar. The emping chips added a nice bitterness to counteract the sweetness of the dressing.


The pork satay came 10 to an order. The pork was tender and did not contain a lot of fat. The size of the satay was a lot smaller than what I am used to. The peanut sauce was similar to the dressing on the gado gado salad, so on the sweeter side.

Boplo Gado Gado seems to be a fairly popular chain restaurant. Was this the best versions of these dishes that I’ve ever had? No, but they were slightly better than average.

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