Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class – Singapore to Jakarta

Singapore Airlines
Flight: SQ 956
Singapore to Jakarta
Departs: 9:30 AM, Arrives: 10:15 AM


Flight SQ 956

After a very long layover, somewhat by choice, after leaving the Singapore Airlines SliverKris Lounge, I headed towards the gate.


I specifically chose this flight as it is operated by a brand new A350 which had been in service for about 7 months. I found it somewhat strange that Singapore would choose to operate this plane on such a short flight, but I was not one to complain.

I redeemed Singapore Airlines miles for this flight, which was under 15K Singapore Kris Flyer miles, and about $75 in taxes. Tickets in business class were selling for nearly $1,000 on this short flight. Surprisingly, the business class cabin was nearly full.

Once aboard, I was welcomed and directed to my seat.

Business Class Cabin

I was the first to board, and the business class cabin was empty. The business class cabin is set up in a 1-2-1 configuration, so every seat has direct aisle access.

Row 11

The two middle seats do have a privacy shield between them.

I chose seat 11K, the front row seat on the right side of the plane.

Seat 11K

The seats are a nice rich brown. There was a colorful yellow pillow also waiting at my seat.  The seats are very wide, so feeling cramped will not be a problem.

Leg Room

There is plenty of legroom, with a “cubby” in the corner when sleeping. The cubby had a decent amount of space so your feet wouldn’t get squished while trying to sleep.


Above the foot cubby, there is a sliding door which contains a mirror, although it is somewhat awkwardly placed if really wanting to utilize it.

Armrest, Storage, IFE Control

The armrests are a textured bronze color, which included the table and storage compartment. The IFE control was also located on the right side.


The TV screen is very large, and had a nice clear picture.

Seat Controls

The seat controls were located on the left side, and were easy to use.

Light Controls

To the left of your head were the light controls.


Up in the right corner, behind your head were USB outlets, an HDMI outlet, and electrical outlet.


For the pre-departure beverage, I chose water, and was given a bottle of mineral water.

Warm Towel

I was also given a warm towel that was wonderfully scented.

Singapore to Jakarta Menu

There was a menu in the seat pocket, which was double sided. One side had the menu from Singapore to Jakarta.

Jakarta to Singapore Menu

The other side had the Jakarta to Singapore meal options.

Bathroom Sink

The business class bathroom was not too large. It contained a formica sink.


Amenities included mouthwash, cologne, lotion, and face spray.

Bathroom Flower

There was a flower on the wall to add a splash of color.

Nasi Lemak

For the meal, I chose the Nasi Lemak. The entrée didn’t look too appealing, but it tasted better than it looked. It came with a small ramekin of salted fish, a couple pieces of melon, and a mocha type flan with fruit.

Multi-Grain Roll

I chose a multi-grain roll.

Bent Fork

I did have a problem with my fork as it was obviously bent. I am not sure why this wasn’t picked up by the catering company, as it would be easy to replace any damaged silverware and reflects badly on the airlines.

Service on the flight was friendly and professional, as you would expect on Singapore Airlines. All in all, I really enjoyed this flight, and just wish it would have been longer than an hour and 20 minutes.

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