Singapore Changi Airport

Following my flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo, I had a short layover at Narita Airport. I then had a connecting flight to Singapore Changi Airport, where I had an unusually long layover.

Unfortunately, my flight arrived at Changi after midnight and I had checked luggage to Changi. I had a connecting flight from Singapore to Jakarta on a separate ticket, so instead of being able to stay airside the entire time, I had to get my luggage. The check-in desks were already closed, so I was stuck being landside until the check-in desks opened several hours later.

There isn’t much to do in the wee hours of the morning at Changi airport, but I was able to do some work while killing some time.


There was a Pokemon display with interactive games, however that portion was closed when I arrived.

Enchanted Garden
Enchanted Garden
Enchanted Garden

Once the check-in desks were open, I quickly wandered around the airport before heading to the lounge to rest, and take a shower before my onward flight.  This included the Enchanted Garden.

If there is one airport where you do want a long layover, it is Singapore’s Changi Airport. In Terminal 2 alone, there is a Children’s playground, the Enchanted Garden, the Family Zone, and the Entertainment Deck which includes Xbox 360, Kinect stations, and a movie theater. For those with longer layover, a free Singapore City Tour is available. There are plenty of rest areas, and free wifi throughout the airport.

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