ANA Airlines – Los Angeles to Narita, Tokyo – Economy

ANA Airlines
Flight NH 5
Los Angeles to Narita, Tokyo
Departs 11:25 AM, Arrives 4:25 PM
Seat 18D

On a recent trip to Jakarta, I flew ANA airlines. I will only cover the LAX-Tokyo Narita segment.

Like many airlines, you are able to pick your seat prior to departure. Even when doing an online check-in 24 hours prior to departure, you can change seats.

When doing my online check-in, I noted that the entire front row was suddenly open. In hoping to get an entire row to myself, I chose seat 18D.

Much to my surprise, once boarding had been complete, my once empty row was completely full.

Seat 18D

Waiting at my seat was a pillow, blanket, and a pair of headphones.

Once seated, I noted that the seat was extremely narrow. This is due to the entertainment system, and tray table are both incorporated into the seat, thus making the actual seat narrow.

Roasted Chicken

For the lunch meal, I chose the Western option, which was roasted chicken. The chicken was good, but the skin rubbery. The mashed potatoes and vegetables were okay, and reminded me of what you would find in a TV dinner. There was a potato salad with some lettuce, along with a piece of ham. A small serving of soba noodles was also included. Dessert was a sponge cake with a non-descript flavor frosting.

Mayonnaise Senbei Cracker

After meal service, a small snack service is set-up in the galley. It consisted of chips and crackers. The most curious thing I found in the snack basket was a mayonnaise flavored cracker. I did not try it, so I can’t comment on it.


For the pre-landing meal, I again went with the Western option, which was lasagna. It was pretty dry, and the pool of marinara it was sitting in did not add much moisture to the dish. It was served with a side of vegetables, that did not pair great with lasagna. A cup of strawberry yogurt and some cut fruit completed the meal.

R2-D2 Plane

Upon landing, we were fortunate enough to be parked next to the ANA R2-D2 plane, one of the commemorative Star Wars planes.

On the return flight home, I was lucky enough to fly the Star Wars BB-8 jet, which I will cover later.

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