Indonesian Restaurant 1968 – Hong Kong


Indonesian Restaurant 1968, a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand recipient, specializes in Indonesian food as the name suggest. Specifically, food associated from Surabaya, as the owners are from that island.


The restaurant is decorated very casually, like you are invited into somebody’s house/living room. Plush couches adorn one side of the table, while comfortable chairs adorn the other.


Indonesian knick knacks adorn the walls.

I came at the very end of lunch service, so the restaurant was mostly empty.

Gado Gado

The Gado Gado ($78 HKD) was a modern take on the classic Indonesian salad. The salad sat on a bed of green leaf lettuce, which is not the norm. The mix of potatoes, eggs, and lettuce was drenched in an avalanche of peanut dressing. The dressing was very thick, but not too sweet.

They do have a lunch menu which includes an entrée, salad, and drink.

Nasi Rendang
Nasi Rendang

I got the Nasi Rendang ($128 HKD), which came on an oblong platter. The rendang was tender with just a hint of heat. The rendang was flavorful, but like every other time I’ve ordered rendang, the portion was on the smaller side. It was served with rice, and vegetables.


At first, I thought the “salad” was just a bowl of sambal, chili sauce, on a bed or lettuce. It wasn’t until I spotted a couple pieces of chicken that I realized that this was the salad that came as part of the lunch. Although it looked on the intimidating side, the “sambal” was actually not that hot. The salad was actually pretty taste.

Overall, the food was pretty good. Service was on the spotty to poor side however. I am not sure if that was due to it being the end of lunch service, and the staff was ready to take their lunch break, or if service is always this way.

I’m not sure if Indonesian Restaurant 1968 is capable of stepping up their game enough to eventually garner one Michelin star, but service would need to drastically improve.

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