Michelin Guide – Yan Ling – Hong Kong

Yan Ling

Yan Ling was recently named to the coveted Michelin Recommended Street Food Guide for Hong Kong. This is a small street stall that does Indonesian food, mainly satay.

It is located directly across the street from the Kowloon City Plaza mall. The stall looks a little dilapidated from the exterior.


Most of the items on the menu were apparently either sold out or not on the menu anymore; it was hard to tell, but I think the menu has been really pared down to concentrate on satay and grilled chicken.

I wasn’t very hungry when I came here, but did want to try a couple of things since it is in the Michelin Guide.


The chicken satay was not marinated before grilling, which is unusual. The beef satay was basted in a slightly sweet marinade. The beef tasted kind of “dry” like it had been sitting out before grilling to concentrate the beef flavor, much like beef jerky or pipikaula in Hawaii.

Instead of the usual peanut sauce that accompanies satay, I chose the spicy sauce (sambal).


The chicken was tender and juicy. It was kind of overpowered by the sambal, not because of the heat, but the addition of fish sauce to the sambal.

The beef was on the “dry” side but did have really good flavor. The sweet marinade counter balanced the fish sauce of the sambal.

The chicken satay was nothing special, but the beef was excellent because of the concentrated flavor. In retrospect, I wish I would have also tried the peanut sauce for comparison.

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