Michelin Star – Lei Garden – Hong Kong

Lei Garden

Lei Garden is a small chain of Chinese restaurants, of which 5 hold 1 Michelin Star. This review is related to the location on Sai Yee Street. There is a sign in front of the building that juts out into the street making it easy to see.

Lei Garden

There is also a proper sign above the entrance of the restaurant.

English Dim Sum Menu

Although they serve a variety of dishes, I was most interested in their dim sum offerings. They do have English menus upon request.

Char Sui Bao

The Steamed Barbecued Pork Buns ($28 HKD) came 3 to an order. The bun was light and fluffy, while still retaining some texture. The filling contained a nicely sweet pork filling without any chunks of fat. The bun was good but not outstanding. Nothing set it apart from any other dim sum restaurant.

Har Gow

The Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gow) ($36 HKD) came 4 to an order. They were on the smaller side, but filled to the seams with sweet shrimp. The skin was a little on the thick side, giving the dumpling a nice chew.

Pork Belly
Pork Belly

The Pork Belly came on a plate, and was cut in such a manner that it vaguely resembled a checker board. The skin had a great mahogany brown hue. The skin was very crisp, and almost enough crunch to break some teeth. The dish was a little on the sweet side, while the belly did retain some fat although most of it had been rendered out. The meat remained moist and had nice flavor.

Soup Dumplings

The Steamed Shanghainese Pork Dumpling (Xiao Long Bao) ($36 HKD) came 3 to an order. The dumplings were a little bigger than most soup dumplings that I have had in the past. The dumplings were full of soup with a strong ginger flavor. Like the har gow, the skin of the dumplings was on the thicker side for a nice chew. There was a decent amount of pork in the dumplings.

Service was kind of hit or miss, which is common in Chinese restaurants especially if you don’t speak the native language. The restaurant can get packed, so going at off hours may be your best bet. You can also make reservations online at all locations.

Out of the all the dishes I tried, I would say that the pork bell was the most “Michelin worthy”. Lei Garden is on the more expensive side for a dim sum restaurant, but the restaurant is clean and nicely decorated.

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