Michelin Guide – Mammy Pancake – Hong Kong

Michelin Recommended

Big news hit the streets of Hong Kong in the culinary world this year, when the Michelin Guide came out with a “Street Food Guide” for Hong Kong. Unlike Singapore, no “street food” was awarded a Michelin Star.

Mammy Pancake was on the short list of street foods, to make the Michelin “Street Food Guide”. They specialize in Hong Kong waffles.

Mammy Pancake

The stall is very small, and from what I can gather recently moved. I must have walked past it at least two or three times in my quest to find it, showing just how small the place really is.

Mammy Pancake is just a few steps away from the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui. When exiting the hotel, make a left on Hanoi Road and walk to the intersection at Carnarvon Road. Right at the T-intersection is where Mammy Pancake is located.


The menu at Mammy Pancake is limited to Hong Kong waffles as you would expect. I came later at the night, and they were sold out of most things.

Green Tea & Red Bean

Out of the remaining items, I chose the Green Tea & Red Bean Hong Kong waffle (puff). The waffle is very light and crunchy. The green tea flavor was not very strong. The red beans were interspersed throughout the waffle, and were individual beans rather than a paste like you might find in Japanese desserts. The beans were on the firmer side and appeared to be unsweetened, or only very slightly sweetened.

This would not have been my first choice of flavors if the whole menu was available; I would went for the original flavor.

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