Bake Cheese Tart – Hong Kong

Bake Cheese Tart

Bake Cheese Tart, of Japan fame, recently opened a branch in Hong Kong. Located inside of the SOGO Causeway Bay Mall, it sits in the basement along with the rest of the restaurants, food stalls, and supermarket.


I had heard that lines were crazy when they first opened, but have since died down.

Cheese Tart

The crust has a satisfying crunch, but it is the filling that is the star of the show. Based in Hokkaido, which is famous for their dairy products among other things, the filling is light and fluffy with a slight citrus finish.


Like all things Japanese, the packaging ingenious as well. The box protects each cheese tart from getting smashed. It’s like a mini-capsule hotel.

I think the ones I had in Tokyo were just slightly better than these, but still worth the trek if needing to satisfy your Japanese cheese tart craving.

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