Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX – Lunch Options

I recently review the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge at LAX where breakfast options were primarily served.

I recently returned again, where breakfast was just ending, and lunch offerings were being served.

I will just focus on the food in this review.


There was a melon salad, grapes, and cut watermelon.

Smoothie, Rice Pudding

There was a mango and peach smoothie, and pumpkin rice pudding.

Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats were also on offer.


There was a salmon teriyaki type dish, rice, and vegetables.

Thai Curry

There was a vegetarian Thai curry soup.

Pita chips and crackers were also offered.

There was a selection of cheese and dried fruit.


Several different types of salad were also available.


A flat bread sandwich, a wrap, and vegetables were also offered.


In all, the lunch offerings were pretty substantial, especially for a domestic lounge. Although there was really only one hot entrée on offer, several types of salads and sandwiches were available.

I have another upcoming trip, and will have the opportunity to visit the lounge again. If different things are being offered I will have another review.

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