Asiana Economy Meals – Los Angeles to Hong Kong

The flight from Los Angeles to Seoul included a main meal, mid-flight snack, and finally a pre-arrival meal. Flight attendants would wander throughout the cabin after the main meal service with cups of water on offer.


The main meal in economy was surprisingly good. I chose the beef steak, which had a Cajun type rub. The steak was very tender and pretty flavorful. The mashed potatoes tasted like it came from a box but was passable. The vegetables were a little overcooked. The spicy cold noodle salad, actually had a slightly sweet taste. The shrimp was pretty tender though. I did not eat the bread. The mocha cake was typically Asian in flavor, meaning not very sweet.

Ham & Cheese Croissant

A mid-flight snack of a ham and cheese croissant sandwich was served. The sandwich was decent, but was heavy on the bread and lacking in filling.


The pre-arrival meal consisted of a chicken and mushroom entrée. The meal didn’t look appealing, but is about what you would expect at Flame Broiler. There was an odd kidney bean, garbanzo bean salad which I did not really like. The fruit was a little under ripe and lacking in flavor and sweetness. I did not eat the bread.

There was only one meal served on the flight from Seoul to Hong Kong.


There was a chicken and mushroom type dish. This was similar to the chicken and mushroom meal from Los Angeles to Seoul, but only slightly different. It was served with an apple mayo salad, which I did not like. I did not eat the bread. Dessert was a yellow cake, which was slightly moist and just sweet enough.

The economy meals on Asiana are much better than what you would find flying on domestic carriers to international destinations. They are not gourmet by any means, but is decent enough to keep you occupied for a short period.

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