Kuala Lumpur -Los Angeles – Economy Meals

The ANA flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo included a regular meal, and a light snack.

Meal Options

During the first meal service, meal cards were available for those did not speak Japanese. The card had both pictures, and a description of the two meal choices, which was a Japanese style hamburger, or a cheese omelet with chicken pate.

Japanese Hamburger Steak

I chose the Japanese style hamburger steak. The meal came with a side of vegetables and rice. There was a cold noodle salad, yogurt, Yakult and sliced fruit. The hamburger wasn’t too bad. It was dry, and the gravy added some flavor. The noodle salad was cold and refreshing. The fruit was a little on the less sweet side.

Tuna Sandwich

The snack/pre-arrival was a tuna sandwich with cheese and lettuce. The sandwich was kind of dry, and the amount of tuna was lacking on filling.

Snack Mix

In regards to the flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, United’s service started with a small bag of oriental style snack mix. I didn’t eat this so I don’t know what it tasted like.


For the main meal I chose the chicken entrée, which was chicken teriyaki like dish with vegetables and rice. It was okay, but nothing special. There was also an oriental style noodle salad, which had a strong sesame oil taste. I didn’t take eat the bread, so I can’t provide any comment.

Cheese Omelet

The pre-arrival meal was a cheese omelet made with powdered eggs on top of marinara sauce, with what appeared to be a sausage boiled in water for several hours. This came with a hash brown, that wasn’t crispy. It also came with a cookie that I did not eat. This meal was about as appealing as it sounds, in other words pretty bad.

The meals on ANA are better than United, but not outstanding. Service on ANA however, is so much better than that on United. Their flight attendants actually take pride in their job, and put service first.

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