Thai Royal Silk Lounge – Bangkok Airport

Thai Royal Silk Lounge
Lounge Map

After checking in for my flight, I was informed that I could visit the Royal Thai Silk Lounge. There is a Royal Thai Silk Lounges in each wing of the terminal, but I decided to go the one nearest my gate for convenience purposes, which was in the “D” part of the terminal.

Thai Royal Silk Lounge

The lounge is located one floor down from the departure level.

The lounge is very large with several different seating areas, as well as several different dining areas.


There is also an area with cubicles for more privacy.

Play Room

There is a small Play Room.

On the food front, there is a coffee machine, sliced fruit, a pancake machine, Pad Thai, Khao Tom Mud, chicken sausage bread, noodle soup, steamed buns with different fillings, sandwiches, juice, pastries, and a refrigerator full of drinks.

There was another smaller buffet which included drinks, fruit, and salad fixings.  There is also a smaller drink selection in this area.

Local Products

There was also a table offering products made from local purveyors.

Cookies, Oven Dried Bananas

The selection included Coffee and Mangosteen cookies, and oven dried bananas. The coffee cookies were very good, while the mangosteen cookies were decent but did not taste like mangosteen. I did not try the oven dried banana however.

Electrical outlets were sparse, which is disappointing given the massive size of the lounge.

The lounge was not very crowded during my visit, which made it more relaxing. The food selection was decent with plenty of different options.

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